Boys will be boys


Halloween has descended on our house. Today we decorated for the holiday. This might not be a big deal to some people, but to my two boys it is a huge deal. My six-year-old didn’t even want to go to school today and he is crazy about school. We love Halloween. I don’t know why exactly. There is just something about all the creepiness that has always appealed to me. I know why my boys love Halloween. Pure and simple- the weapons. The last couple of years I have purchased a bunch of fake weapons and Halloween costumes for 75-90% at Target after the season. My three-year-old spent most of the day changing into different outfits. I spent half of my day helping him in and out of Halloween outfits. Under normal circumstances I would have been annoyed if my son wanted to change outfits a bazillion times a day, but when he ends up looking like the pictures below I’m just laughing all day.

The Evil Knight

The Stealthy Ninja- he thinks he’s all business, but little does he know that his sweet blue eyes give away his real softness!

of course Wolverine time

Red PowerRanger awkwardness- I look forward to showing this to their wives one day and their children

Tough Guys!

So right now it is exciting and fun to have all these holiday items up and all over the house.  However by October 31st I will be soooooooooooo glad to see them go away for another year.   You can only handle a house full of swords, daggers, knives, and axes for so long.


  1. Great costumes- how fun!

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  2. Your boys look adorable. I do the same thing w/cotumes after Halloween. My kids play dress up all year! I have 4 little dudes-not totally sure what they are going as this year, though. I am here from “show me what you’ve got” on Love, Life, and Celebrity. I’m following you- i’d love for you to follow me back.


  3. They are sooo cute in their costumes!
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