Bridesmaids Party #GirlsNightIn


Friday night was my Bridesmaids Party.  It has been forever since I have had a party just for the girls.  My sons wanted to “crash” the party when they saw all the decorations and tasty treats I had planned.  They said a quick good night to my guests,  as Daddy rushed them off to bed.  I didn’t leave them in the cold however, as they got to have a piece of cheesecake the next day.

Here is my party before the guests arrived.

We chowed down on some tasty treats, and then played a game of movie trivia via The Pioneer Woman.  I also gave a prize for the person who had been a bridesmaid the most times.  The winning number? Seven.  That’s a lot of dresses!  I also had a prize for the guest who had the weirdest wedding experience.  It turns out many people have seen and experienced odd behavior at weddings.  Nothing like a life changing event to bring out the craziness in people!   Of course the movie has plenty of crazy behavior as well.

After our food and games, it was time for the movie!

The beginning scenes of the movie showed Nana’s favorite place- Milwaukee.  Part of the movie is set in the city (it was not filmed there), and therefore they showed various famous places from the city- including the Art Museum and Usinger’s Sausage.

Nana is crazy about Milwaukee as she is from the area.  She was VERY excited by the  Milwaukee  scenes.  The movie was now sure to be a hit for her!

I quickly grabbed my camera to capture Nana’s excitement, I’m afraid it turned out a little blurry.

One of my guests had seen the movie before (she was excited to see it again) and the rest of us were ready to experience it for the first time.  The movie is very well acted.  The cast includes a number of ladies from Saturday Night Live and because of that it ensures a goofy and silly time. The lead actress, Kristen Wiig, has great facial expressions.  She can truly set a scene with only a look.  Her character is essentially a doormat in the beginning of the movie and as the story develops she struggles to find her backbone.  In a particularly dramatic scene she manages to find her voice to tell a room full of party-goers to “f*** off”.  I loved that scene.  I have seen my fair share of crazy.  I have been in situations where it seemed as though the other people I was with were living in an alternate reality.  Wouldn’t it just be wonderful to scream” what the f*ck!

The movie is fairly raunchy, so if you don’t appreciate that kind of humor it probably isn’t for you.  There are some memorable scenes that are pretty gross.  The person I want to show this movie to next, is my husband.  While the cast is primarily girls, this is a movie I wouldn’t classify as merely a “chick flick”.  With all the naughty humor and great acting this is a movie that will definitely appeal to many men.

Want to host your own Bridesmaids Party?  Check out the Bridesmaids Facebook page for inspiration!

Bridesmaids will be available for purchase TOMORROW at stores nationwide and is available for pre-order through Amazon for $15.99.

I have been compensated for my party, all opinions are my own.


  1. Man, I wish I was at your party! Looks awesome! I miss having such a close group of girlfriends to do girl’s nights with! All my girls have moved away for jobs, I miss them so much so it was fun to read your post and check out your pics. Thx!



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