Bridesmaids Themed Party!!! #GirlsNightIn


I am super excited to be hosting a Bridesmaids Themed Party on September 16th.    I wish my actual bridesmaids could join in on the fun, but unfortunately they are spread out all over the U.S. map.  From New York, Florida, and North Dakota they are about as far away as possible!  Instead I am looking forward to having a great girls night in with my local girlfriends.    I have had the opportunity to discuss the evening with a couple of them so far and each mentioned that they heard, “the movie was really good”.  I have not seen the movie yet myself, but I looked it up on IMDb and it received a high ranking of 7.4 out of 10.  That is really high, especially for a comedy.  I can’t wait!

I am in the planning process to make our evening a success.  So far Nana requested bruschetta to satisfy her bread/salt tooth.  We will have wine and strawberry daiquiri’s, but we will have much more.  I am contemplating purchasing a lovely cheesecake from Target.  And of course many more fun finger foods!   The PR company is sending a bunch of decorations so I will be set for decor.  As the date nears and I am able to pinpoint how many ladies will be able to join in the fun I will finalized the menu.  I almost forgot!  We need to have popcorn for the movie watching!

I am looking forward to having a great evening socializing with my friends with great food and a fun, light movie!

Interested in hosting a Bridesmaidsthemed party of your own?  This DVD is available for pre-order from Amazon for $16.99



My party is being sponsored by the PR agency promoting this movie, all opinions are my own.

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