Bright Starts Having a Ball™ Pop & Roll Roadster™ Review


My three year old may be at the highest age group for this toy, but that fact did not diminish his enthusiasm at all.  He was very eager to give this little vehicle a test run.  Thankfully the car arrives in the box mostly assembled, therefore in a few moments he was wheeling himself around our kitchen.

Bright Starts Having a Ball™ Pop & Roll Roadster™ is the kind of toy a young child can grow into as they develop.  Little babies who can not yet walk will have a fun time playing with the ball feature and listening to the music and sounds.  Then as they grow a bit older they can push the car or ride on it.  I love toys that can grow with a child, and this solid little car is certainly one of them.

As the toy manufacturer suggests, 36 months is typically the max age for riding this toy.  My son is three years old and as you can see he will be a bit too large for it soon.  My son is average height and weight for his age, therefore if your child is larger or smaller you’ll want to keep those facts in mind.

So what does this car do, besides obviously being mobile?  The car is equipped to make noises and songs via two small buttons near the steering wheel.

But the highlight of the car is surely the ball “pop” aspect.  Load three balls (yellow, red, or blue) into a small hole located on the steering wheel.

These ball will then stay in their little compartment located in the hood of the car, until they are released by the little blue lever located on the side of the car.  Then they will pop out of the little opening at the very front of the car.  Notice the arrows in the picture below.  My son loves pushing that little blue lever to unleash the balls.  And I envision my son is not alone in this simple joy.


I can personally attest this car is a lot of fun.  My son has greatly enjoyed zooming around our kitchen in this fun little car.  What a great gift it would make under a tree this Christmas!

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I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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