Bright Starts Review


Give Kids A “Bright Start” to a Bright Smile!

Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month?

Teething is one of the inevitable challenges of parenthood. Every child will experience it at different times and stages, but rarely will a child skip it entirely. Teething is such an important part of baby’s development. Baby teeth allow an infant to eat a good diet, allow for proper jaw growth, give the face its form and appearance, assist in the formation of proper speech, and most important, act as “space savers” for adult teeth.

Choosing the best teether for your baby is critical to their teeth development. This year, give your child a “Bright Start” to the bright smile they deserve!

Chill & Teethe

Babies love to “chill out” with these teethers! Features: water-filled teether to soothe baby’s gums, fun colors and textures, easy to grasp & an assortment of three per set.

Teethe & Read

Designed to spark an early appetite for reading. Features: Colorful fabric pages that take baby on a fun adventure with Bright Starts characters, two textured teether tabs to help soothe baby’s gums, wavy book spine with clacking beads and an assortment of two books, each sold separately.

A child’s first toys are so important.  They need to be safe of course, but they should also be fun and educational.  Bright Starts toys fulfill all those categories.  My youngest son received two new Bright Starts toys to play with- Teethe & Read and Chill & Teethe.  The Teethe & Read is definitely his favorite.  The pages make a crinkly noise when you touch them and has a teething rattle on the binding.  I love books as toys.  The earlier children learn to manipulate books the more likely they are to enjoy reading.  The Teethe & Read is a great early introduction to books.

The other toy we received, Teethe & Chill is a set of teething rings.  My littlest guy is in the midst of teething.  It is so nice to be able to offer him something that can provide a little bit of relief.  After placing the rings in the refrigerator they provide some temporary relief to poor swollen gums.  Teething can be so painful for some kids.  My first and last children have really had a tough time with swollen gums.  My first son had what looked like blisters in his mouth.  Only my middle son had an easy time.  Genetics are a weird thing.

Here is my youngest testing our samples!

Bright Starts offers wonderful toys for you little guy or gal.

Bright Starts is an innovating brand of juvenile products that provides parents with smart, fresh solutions.  With a growing portfolio of over 100 innovative activity centers, play gyms, bouncers, swings, playards, and toys; Bright Starts’ large selection of progressive products inspire confidence and engage curiosity.  Backed by awards from numerous leading industry and consumer organizations, Bright Starts is a trusted name for cleverly-designed, quality products for young children. Headquartered in Atlanta , Georgia , Bright Starts is the flag ship brand for Kids II, Inc., manufacturer, designer and marketer of toys and baby gear.  Visit

I was provided toys to review, but my opinions are my own.

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