Calling All Bloggers! SoFabUOTR Minneapolis 2015


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Calling all bloggers in the Minnesota and Wisconsin area! SoFabU on the Road is coming to Minneapolis in August! 

What is SoFabU on the Road? It’s a one day blogging conference designed to inspire, educate and bring a sense of community to the somewhat isolated world of blogging. 

What is SoFabU? This term refers to Social Fabric University, the social media influencer education component of Social Fabric. This online education community is full of amazing classes on a wide variety of topics- storytelling, SEO, photography and Instagram- the list just keeps growing. The wealth of knowledge available to Social Fabric members is extraordinary! 


{Image from SoFabUOTR Seattle} 

What is Social Fabric? Social Fabric is an online community of influencers. Social Fabric is owned by Collective Bias and bloggers/influencers across the U.S., Canada, and UK join the community for sponsored opportunities and to maximize their online knowledge with SoFabU. 

How do you join Social Fabric? Fill out an application here. If you are a good fit for the community you’ll receive a welcome email. If you do not receive any communication it means your application was determined to not be a fit at this time. 


{Image from SoFabUOTR Seattle- SoFab member Dawn of Not Just a Mommy, me, and Collective Bias employee Sara Blake of Clever Pink Pirate.}

What criteria do you use when determining if someone can join? As a company, Collective Bias is looking for influencers that have authentic, engaging content in order to meet the needs of our clients. As a community, Social Fabric is looking for positive influencers that want to help others and learn more about social media. 

Yeah, but what does that really mean? In order to be a member two factors are very important- original images and storytelling skills. We are not interested in blogs that utilize stock images as their primary source of photography. The more original, well constructed photos you have on your blog and higher your chance of being approved for membership. 

We are also looking for social media influencers. This means it’s important to have a presence {and hopefully influence} on social media channels- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

All this sounds great! How do I join and how do I sign up for SoFabUOTR Minneapolis?

  • Apply for membership  
  • Sign up for SoFabUOTR Minneapolis 
    • Social Fabric members can receive a discounted price for their ticket in exchange for a blog post about the event! 
    • You don’t need to be a Social Fabric member to attend SoFabUOTR Minneapolis! Attend the conference to grow as an online influencer. 

What is so special about SoFabUOTR Minneapolis? 

Come and learn from one of the best social media influencers in the area- Marybeth Hamilton of Babysavers

Disclosure: I am an employee of Collective Bias. Please email me at if you have any questions about the conference or Social Fabric membership. 


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