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If you’ve had a chance to see the previews of Oz The Great and Powerful no doubt you’ve seen the amazing costumes.  Each witch seemingly has a distinct personality with a corresponding look.  I must admit I’m anxious to listen to the story of Oz, but I’m also excited to see the outfits!  Thanks to OPI and Urban Decay I was able to play dress up recently.  I didn’t actually change my outfit, but rather I changed my look via the two distinct kits that Urban Decay is currently selling.  Yes, they have a Glinda Palette and a Theodora Palette complete with instructions to give you the look of each witch.  And the color selection from OPI will also help create the complete look of whichever witch you prefer.  Yes, I’m 3* years old, but it’s fun to play dress-up no matter your age, right?:)

Now that you’ve had a chance to check out the Game Day trailer let me show you these handy dandy kits and adorable mini nail polish.


I can’t wait to try the different shades.  And typically the pale pinks would be my first selection, but I just couldn’t resist this “What Wizardry Is This?” shade.  Isn’t it fun!?

opi oz the great and powerful close up

I’m not usually crazed about nail polish, but there is something about these cute little bottles that just makes me want to use it all the time!

opi oz the great and powerful

This special Oz The Great and Powerful Collection from OPI will be available in salons in March 2013.

After checking out the nail polish, it was time to tackle the complete make up kits.  I was truly impressed by the organization of each palette.  Each kit contains everything you need to create that particular witch look minus mascara.  And it all fits inside this beautiful box.

theodora palette #disneyozevent

glinda palette #disneyozevent

Inside is six different shades of eye shadow, eye liner, and a lip pencil.

glinda complete set

theodora compelte set

And luckily each set also comes with detailed instructions on how to achieve each particular look.  Simply flip over the character card for instructions and use the back of the box as a guide for color recognition.

theodora color selction

glinda color selection

There can be no doubt I’m a Glinda.  Not only do I have semi-blonde hair and blue eyes, but I also have a Minnesota friendly disposition.  I tend to do things by the book and I’m not particularly one to push boundaries.  Okay, okay I just might be a Mrs. Goody Two-Shoes:)   But these facts made me want to embrace my Theodora side even more recently.  I consider it a little day dream of my alter ego:)

theodora look urban decay #disneyozevent

My husband was not a fan of this look.  He said and I quote, “it just isn’t you”.  Hmmm..he could be right, but hey I might want to embrace this new me!:)  Not surprisingly he preferred the Glinda that I am.

glinda palette urban decay #disneyozevent

Whatever your style preference check out these awesome palettes available via Urban Decay.  And wouldn’t you know it, my Instagram followers though I looked best as Glinda.  I guess mysterious and spellbinding just isn’t in my future:)


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OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL lands in theaters on March 8th!


I received the above mentioned products for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. Ohh!! red lips are good on you!!! LOVE!!

  2. You look good in the red…very mysterious 🙂

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