Champions for Kids- Abbott Nutrition Pack a Snack Simple Service Project (#AbbottCFK #CBias)


I’m pleased to announce that I am working on another simple service project for Champions for Kids.   If you remember, this past December I created a Disney themed stocking for a little boy in our community.   This time I will be creating an Abbott Nutrition Snack Pack.

What is an Abbott Nutrition Pack a Snack?

And what is the purposes of this donation?

Abbott Nutrition makes a variety of products that help ensure balanced nutrition for babies, children, and adults.   Some of the brands include- Similac, Pedialyte, PediaSure, Ensure, and Zone Perfect.  These drinks and bars help provide essential vitamins and nutrients to those who are not able to attain them by other means.

Children whose parents are strapped financially may not be able to provide the well balanced diet necessary for their child’s continued growth.  By donating a Pack a Snack containing Abbott Nutrition products, you can help ensure a child is receiving their daily dose of nutrients.

True to its name, this Simple Service Project is not difficult or extensive.  As an individual or as a group purchase Abbott Nutrition products to donate to a teacher, shelter, or any organization that distributes food to children in need.   That’s it.  If everyone purchased one Abbott Nutrition product to donate to a child in need the number of children helped would be staggering.  This simple truth is at the core of Champions for Kids.   If everyone takes it upon themselves to preform one simple service project, children everywhere would not go to bed hungry, they would have toys on Christmas morning, and they would have access to clothes and items that every child should.

Check out this brief video regarding Abbott Nutrition Pack a Snack

I will be creating an Abbott Nutrition Pack a Snack and donating it to my local food shelf.  There are so many organizations that could benefit from such a worthwhile donate, but I immediately knew I wanted to keep my donation as local as possible.   The large town I live near (12 miles away) has a plethora of organizations, but in the small rural town where I live there is only one food bank.  Through some of my previous donations to this food bank I know that they are frequently in need of items.   About a year ago I was able to get a fantastic deal on cereal and I ended up donating a large number of boxes.  They were thrilled and I was so pleased to know my couponing was benefiting some one besides our own family.

Sometimes I might seem like we live a pampered life in Minnesota, but childhood poverty and hunger does exist.  Here is some enlightening information about children in need in Minnesota from

  • 10.4 percent of Minnesota’s children are living in poverty
  • 9.7 percent of Minnesota’s children receive food support.
  • 56 percent of foodshelf visitors are families with children.

I encourage you to purchase an Abbott Nutrition product the next time you are at the grocery store.   Tell your friends.  Donate the products to your local food shelf.  Start the new year off in a kind and thoughtful way.

Interested in learning more about Champions for Kids?  Connect via their webpage or Facebook.

Join me at the Abbott/Champions for Kids Twitter party on January 19th at 8:00 pm CST, using the hashtag #AbbottCFK


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  1. Wow. Those statistics in the state of Minnesota are truly staggering.


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