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I mentioned in a previous post of my involvement with Champions for Kids and how it takes just one little  action to help a child this season.  My mission was to create a Disney themed stocking while shopping at Walmart to donate to a child in need.

For those of you who are not familiar with the program, Champions for Kids works with companies, groups, and individuals to help others in need.

Champions for Kids believes all children should have-
Someone who cares
A place to belong
Hope for tomorrow and provisions for their journey.
All children.

Obviously this is the kind of mission and goal that speaks to the hearts of most of us, especially this time of year.  While some of their projects are large, Champions for Kids is seeking individuals to take action, even on a small scale.  My Disney themed stocking project did not take much time and yet it will delight a small child this Christmas.  If everyone takes  a few minutes a week or even per month to do something for the benefit of a child, the collective results will have an impact.

Are you planning a special Christmas for your family?  I encourage you to think of those that have less this season and perhaps purchase an extra toy or food item to share with those that need it the most.   I hope my experience shopping at Walmart might serve as a source of inspiration.  Check it out!

I actually got to go shopping without any children in tow.   This was a rare occasion for me!  I contemplated bringing my four year old son with, as these toys will be donated via his school, but I decided this part might be a bit overwhelming for him.  Instead I decided to include him in other aspects of this experience.

I knew I wanted to focus on a stocking for a little boy, as I have three sons myself.  There is an abundance of Disney princess and fairy themed products available, but instead I focused on a Cars movie theme.

The selection was vast!

It appears my real problem is going to be narrowing down my options!  My boys love the little dye cast Cars cars, so I focused on selecting as many of them as possible. They do have selections of single cars, but I’m going to purchase some of these double packs instead.

My kids favorite part in the new movie is the spy car scenes in the beginning so I want to make sure to purchase the spy car, plus Mater and Lightning McQueen, of course!

I thought about purchasing the actual movie, but I can’t be sure the family that receives the stocking will have a DVD player, so I’m going to stick to the toys!

In the clearance section I found this Cars themed drawing kit! Score!

And as a former teacher I have to include a book in the stocking!

I encountered a problem in the stocking section- no Cars themed stocking!  Plus I’m a little concerned that my gifts won’t actually fit in a stocking.  Instead I found this cute Mater gift bag.  I’m going to get this instead!

Time to check out!  It’s official, I’m over budget!  But that’s okay, more for the child who really needs it.  Once I get rolling with a theme it is hard to stop!

At home I make sure to enlist the help of my four year old son.  I explained to him what the purpose of the stocking.  He is more than willing to help!  Unfortunately his younger brother, age two, doesn’t understand and is greatly confused why we aren’t keeping the items!

Quick in the bag! He’s trying to open them!

The next day we drop off the gift bag full of Cars toys at my son’s preschool.  We decided to donate our gift anonymously (okay, not entirely anonymous since I’m writing about it here!), but a child in our area will receive the toys in time for Christmas.

Ironically, the following week I will be collecting the containers at our school and take them to our local Salvation Army for distribution since I am in charge of the toy drive.  I’m hopefully that they will be overflowing by the time I pick them up!

To view my entire shopping trip check out my album via Google +

Learn more about Champions for Kids online and also connect via Twitter and Facebook.

Please join the dialogue at the Champions for Kids Twitter party on December 15th at 9:00 EST.  Use hashtags #DisneyCFK and #CBias.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias, all opinions are my own. 


  1. This was a great post. Disney has so much themed merchandise. I am sure whatever little boy gets this will be ecstatic to play with all the cool Cars merchandise. It is great that you will make some child’s holiday brighter.

  2. Wow, this seems like such a great cause. I love that you’re doing this, and I love that we (bloggers) can help children’s charities through our blogs. Awesome. Your little boy is darling!

  3. So fun! Love all the cars goodies. I am sure that the recipient is going to be thrilled!!


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