Chat LIVE Tomorrow Night w/ Three American Idol Stars via TV Dinner!


Are you a diehard American Idol fan?  Have you watched every season?  Or perhaps you’re more like me, merely a casual American Idol viewer?  I watched the first few seasons, but with three little kids in the mix I have not been a dedicated fan.  That being said, I have been enjoying this particular round.  I am astounded by the talent.   Ummm…..yeah, I can’t carry a tune.   Jessica Sanchez’s voice is amazing, but I must admit my personal favorite is Phillip Phillips.  (What were his parents thinking with a name like that!?) He reminds me of Dave Matthews.

Do you own an iPad?  If so I would love to have you join Past Idol finalists Aaron Kelly and Karen Rodriguez, newcomer Matt Giraud, and The Mama Report in a FREE LIVE chat tomorrow night during American Idol!  Perhaps we can gain a little insiders knowledge:)

I want to know what YOU think about the performances.

Who are your favorites?

So how do you join me and the American Idol contestants?   Simply download the FREE TV Dinner app on your iPad.  Yes, it’s free no gimmicks.  No strings attached.

TV Dinner is a witty play on words allowing its users to have an interface to easily interact regarding a particular TV show.  You select your favorite TV Dinner tray (TV show) and while it is on interact with others in real time.  During this social chat time you can create “nibbles” by commenting, entering a poll question, or adding an image with a caption- or all three!  Why watch TV alone?  Enjoy your favorite shows by interacting with others who love it too!  For instance, I have friends and family across the U.S., we watch many of the same TV shows.   Now we can chat with each other while we’re watching for FREE!  Awesome!

Here is an example image of the app.  Please don’t be overwhelmed it is so easy! It took me appropriately one minute to figure out and they have some handy dandy simple instructions.  Nothing complicated. Nothing brain numbing.  This is all for fun!

Simply fill out this online form for the instructions to download the app.  Please consider yourself “in the know” as this app is the new hot way to be social engaged without all the extra distractions of Twitter:)

One item to consider, while I would love to chat with you regardless of your time zone, unfortunately only those who reside in the EST and CST will be able to interact while watching American Idol at the same time.  Boo hoo!  I’m sorry all my Pacific coast followers!  (Sorry, Tracy) But don’t be discouraged TV Dinner is working on expanding their capabilities and TV shows!  Woo hoo!

So my fellow iPad addicts please join me tomorrow night starting at 7pm CST for a chance to dish about American Idol. (Feel free to join the conversation anytime during the show, not just exactly at 7pm)

Honestly, you’ll want to hear what I have to say about some of those outfits!  Yikes!



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