Children’s Claritin Madagascar Movie Viewing Party!


I recently had the opportunity to host a Madagascar Movie Viewing Party thanks to my membership with Claritin’s Mom’s Crew.  I received a package equipped with Claritin for children and adults, plus the movies Madagascar 1 & 2 and some fun popcorn boxes.  The new Madagascar movie- Europe’s Most Wanted will premiere in theaters nationwide on June 8, so this movie party was perfect timing to refresh my party guests on the storyline and characters.

This past Friday we had six children assemble for a fun night of movie watching and popcorn eating.

Needless to say, they were all very willing to attend:) Since this is a Claritin party my friend thought we should have the movie shown outdoors in a grassy field to prove the children were allergy symptom free:)  LOL.  But instead we opted for the ease of the indoors:)

My eldest son has used allergy medication off and on for the past few years.  Luckily he isn’t reliant on the medicine all the time, but when he is suffering from obvious allergy symptoms I like to have relief on hand.

I received enough samples for 5 moms and 5 children.  I will pass on some information to other moms who could not attend our get together.

My friend’s middle daughter occasionally has allergy problems just like my eldest.  For both of our children it their reactions seem to stem from the amount of pollen in the air.  Some years are just better than others.

Even our youngest ones, enjoyed the night, though they didn’t make through the entire movie.

The kids were super excited to watch the movie.  They were dancing to the son “Move it, move it” even more it started.

While the children watched their movie the adults were supposed to be playing games.  Though I have to stated that once the movie was started our husbands’ were more interested in the movie than the games.

There were long pauses as the guys had to figure out what was happening in the game, because they had not been paying attention.  My advice is just to let the guys watch the movie along with the kids.  It’s just easier that way:)

Be sure to check out the Claritin Facebook page for FREE Madagascar 3 activities for your own little kiddos!

I am a Claritin Mom’s Crew member and I received the above mentioned products as part of my collaboration,  any opinions expressed are my own.

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