Christopher Drummond Beauty Lipstick Review


Christopher Drummond Beauty

This is makeup like no other: Our artisan line consists of many products that combines healthy all natural, organic-based, paraben free and vegan-approved ingredients resulting in products that are luxurious, value driven and simple to use.  We also have titanium dioxide free products for the very sensitive.

These are products not only good for your skin, but good for the environment. Christopher Drummond Beauty believes that by having eco-friendly and animal-friendly cosmetics, we are contributing to the prosperity of our planet.

Our signature products are infused with an exclusive blend of Brazilian Açai, botanical extracts, and trace minerals. This ensures that our products take your skin to the next level. These ingredients allow you to have the most effective, protective and gentle products available. There is no itching and no irritation that is often experienced from other “natural” makeup products – just pure beauty the way nature intended.

We have pledged to make the world a more beautiful place – one face at a time.


I recently used my first product from Christopher Drummond Beauty.  I was able to sample the Pink Kiss lipstick conditioning treatment.  I love it!  The color looks great.  And the lipstick slides on beautifully.  My sample came with a small brush to apply the lipstick.  I had never used liquid lipstick before, but I really like it.

Here are my lips?  What do you think?

I really love the color!

Unlike traditional lipsticks which contain chemicals and have a sticky finish, our moisture rich formula adds subtle shine and light-reflecting color as it conditions your lips naturally. Free of preservatives and artificial colors, this soft pink color compliments every skin tone and provides natural, infinitely kissable lips. Available in Pink Kiss.

As I’ve written in other posts I love that this makeup is eco-friendly.  I’m glad that a lot of companies are not using parabens and all kinds of other chemical additives.  Christopher Drummond Beauty has many vegan products that use only natural and organic ingredients.  No one wants to put toxic chemicals on their skin and risk permanent damage.  No wonder this line of make-up has been  featured in a wide variety of magazines and websites.

I am definitely interested in trying some of the other types of products available.  If the rest is as good of quality as the lipstick I will be very impressed.

I received a sample of the is lipstick to review, however all opinions are my own.

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