Coffee House Drinks From the Comfort of Home with Mr. Coffee® Café Latte (#mrcoffeelatte)


Many years ago my husband and I would visit our local bookstore, purchase a specialty drink, and peruse our favorite selection of books.  Our time seemed endless and spending $10 on coffee lattes didn’t seem so bad.  We were young, carefree, and completely clueless.

Little did we know three adorable little fellas would rock our world.

These days I’m convinced they need to invent a way so that the human body doesn’t need sleep.   I need more hours in the day, I need more time.  And I certainly don’t have the time to stroll a bookstore directionless.

And $10 on lattes?  You’ve got to be kidding me!  Do you see the smile on my oldest son?  Braces are in his eminent future and will leave a hefty dent in our pocketbook.

Our carefree youthful days are certainly behind us, and my husband and I wouldn’t have it any other way:)  But sometimes we still want part of that lifestyle.  And now the Mr. Coffee® Café Latte makes it super easy to have specialty coffee drinks in a matter of minutes!  It’s like having a coffeehouse in my house!

Caramel Latte?- check

Good book?- check

Relaxing chair?- check

Good music?- check

Five year old photographer?- check:)

A few minutes of uninterrupted bliss?- fleeting

I must admit I was a little intimidated before I attempted to make myself a latte with the Mr. Coffee Café Latte machine.  I am no barista.  And I’ve peeked behind a coffeehouse counter enough times to know it can be a complicated process.  I can’t say I know for sure what it takes to make a café latte.  I know there is frothing involved, but all I had to do was push a button.  Ahhh…coffee bliss in a matter of minutes.  If they can’t add hours to the day, at least I can be well caffeinated to extend my day as long as possible.

Like a regular coffee maker I added coffee grounds (regular coffee or espresso) to the filter and added water.  Enough for either one or two cups.

But the coffee pot of the machine is different.  A whisk is easily attached to the coffeepot itself.  Make sure not to submerge the pot when washing!

Unlike traditional coffeemakers, I added milk to my coffee pot.  And as soon as I pushed the button- there was serious whisking taking place!

Once the milk was nice and frothy, the coffee started to mix in.  Yummy, latte goodness!

The machine is relatively small and was simple to operate.

Woo hoo for me!!  I made a Caramel Café Latte and it was so delicious!  It tasted like a coffeehouse coffee!

All my young readers take heed.  Save some moolah now with this latte creating machine.  It’s easy, delicious, and you never know what you might need that extra money for in the future.  And to all my fellow mothers- all I have to say is Café Latte in a matter of minutes.  I don’t know about you, but that is the sound of magic to me:)!

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I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


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