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Comfy Control Harness™ is a new humane harness that’s also lightweight and easily adjustable. It’s special design allows for maximum comfort and safety every time you walk your dog. The Comfy Control Harness™, complete with a matching 5-foot leash, is designed to move the pressure away from your dog’s neck and on to the shoulders and back. It will not constrict your dog’s breathing so it’s perfect for all dogs, especially dogs with short snouts or breathing problems. Treat your pet to the new humane collar to be certain there’s no more coughing, choking or straining — only reliable, comfortable support and control of your dog.

Comfy Control Harness™ comes in four sizes. Each Comfy Control Harness™ comes with a matching 5-foot leash. The small Comfy Control Harness™ for breeds like Chihuahua, Maltese and even finicky felines, regularly a $20 value, is just $10.99 during this special internet promotion. If your dog is a medium size breed, we recommend the most popular Comfy Control Harness™ — size medium — for only $13.98. The large Comfy Control Harness™ is available today for just $3 more, $16.98. Finally, the extra large Comfy Control Harness™, perfect for the biggest canines, is only $19.98. And remember, no matter what size you order, we’ll include the second BONUS Comfy Control Harness™, the leash and a Crazy Critter™, for just a discounted processing fee of $4.99. And, your entire order is covered by our 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee so if you try it and you aren’t completely satisfied, for any reason, just return it within 30 days for a full refund, less shipping and handling. This special Comfy Control Harness™ offer is not available in stores so the only way to get it is to place your order now!

I recently received a Comfort Harness for my dog.   We received a medium size for review purposes, and as we own a Golden Retriever it did not fit at all.  Obviously a large or ex-large size is necessary for this particular breed.

The harness is made of vinyl and mesh and is therefore breathable.  This harness is well designed.   My parents who have a Jack Russell terrier were willing to test this harness on their dog.   The very first time my father put the harness on his dog he found it to be quite easy.   The thing he likes best about the harness is that his dog, Banjo, can’t slip out of it like he can his collar.  Banjo walked well with the leash and as he normally pulls on the leash, this kept him from choking himself as they were walking.  My parents were really excited about this product, its a keeper!  My dad says they will be using this often as Banjo needs a couple of walks a day!

Here is Banjo with the harness on:

Check out Comfy Control Harness online to select the correct size for your dog.


This review was written by Melissa for The Mama Report.


I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. Hi Melissa:
    I read where you said you received the product to do a review. That is too bad as the website is underhanded and I am really upset right now. The television advertisement says $10.99 for a small harness and $6.99 for shipping/handling and yes, $4.99 tax for CA orders. Talk about an inflated price: $4.99 for a $10.99 purchase? Then there is no way to cancel the order or to review the order before you pay. But of course you do not know of their business activities because it was sent to you for review purposes and you gave the product a super great review (obviously it has something to do with you not having to order the harness from such an underhanded website). I order off e-bay, etsy, amazon and several other major websites all of the time; ALL legitimate websites give contact names, numbers and e-mails (CONTACT INFORMATION). This company does not even have their address, telephone number, state anywhere on the website. I bet, if the harness had not been free, your parent’s dog Banjo would not be wearing it right now. You are suppose to be a reliable blog but I shudder to think what other great reviews you have given to items without checking the actual companies selling policies!

    • Thank you very much for taking the time to send us a comment. We greatly appreciate any and all feedback.

      We could not sympathize with you more in regards to your less than satisfactory experience using the product distributor’s web site. We, too, have had similar exerpiences with other web sites and it most certainly left a poor taste in our mouth.

      You are correct that we did not order the product from the web site and as a result had no idea that it would cause you or anyone else any trouble. Our review was on the product itself and not how the company who owns and sells the product handles their process online.

      We took a quick look at the web site in question and found some contact information for you. Please check this link.

      Thanks again for taking the time to share with us your thoughts and experience!

    • Well I got very mad when on there site I could not review my order and then it came on and it costed 60 dollars so I backed out but then I saw he charge so since it was Saturday I had to wait until Monday. I called them right away on Monday and they cancelled the order very fast. I then just went on E-bay. Bought 2 for $18 and got free shipping, no tax or duty! It is at my pet store for $9.99 regular so go to your pet store next time. 😉

  2. Dee Van Den Driessche says

    It would help if a poundage was given for the sizes! I have GoldenDoodles and am conflicted in which size to order large or extra large. My Doodles are 68# and 79#. Sort of hard to guess which size to order.

    Dee In Michigan

    • I have the same problem I have a 77 pound Lab, not sure what to order a large or extra large.

    • Dee Van Den Driessche says

      Well I did measure the waist when the product came It wouldn’t fit either of the doodles. I purchased the largest size possible. For that matter I would be surprise if it even fit a Lab. I think the harnesses may have fit if lucky a medium dog at best. Way too small for anything over 50#. Great Idea bad product. I did return these but even then it was a hassel and I was stuck with shipping to myself and for the return product.

      Buyer beware!

  3. agree w/ dee & pam. why not have pet weights? On the amazon site someone wrote that they really don’t have sizes for large dogs. So what is the deal?

  4. Some kind of a ripoff isn’t it!!!!!!?????

    I thought there was a special 2 for 1. That there was free shipping.

    My order for three harnesses for my three dogs was over $110.00 – when I thought it would be about $30.00.

    What a rip off. And you couldn’t view the final cost before you clicked “purchase”

    Incredible false advertising and and incredible rip off. Maybe when I get the stuff, I will feel better. But if isn’t something perfect, I am going to want my money back – unfortunately the fine print tells you that shipping and handling are not included in the refund – where shipping and handling was more money than the product. Rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So when will the comfy control people actually read and respond to these concerns? I was thinking of buying this for my 75lb lab, but after reading these comments from consumers,, I WILL NOT!

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