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Community Coffee Company invites you to enjoy the unique taste of Louisiana’s most distinctive coffee. We start with only quality, 100% Arabica beans selected by the Saurage family. Then, through generations of roasting experience, we have perfected a full-bodied yet smooth flavor that reflects the extraordinary culinary traditions of Louisiana. Today, Community® coffee is served in the best New Orleans restaurants and is shared in homes across the South. To understand why, simply sit back and enjoy a cup.

Around the World Coffee Sampler

Explore gourmet coffees from the distinctive coffee-growing regions of Latin America, Africa and the Pacific. Contains one 12 oz. bag of each: Guatemala Huehue Tenango, Colombia (Medium-Dark), Kona Blend and Sumatra Mandheling.

I received the featured Around the World Sampler for review.  We normally drink decaf coffee in our house.  I realize that seems crazy to some people, but I tried not to ingest caffeine while I was pregnant and nursing and even though this no longer applies to me,  I had not made the switch to leaded coffee.   I was ready for a little extra umph to my morning since the Around the World Sampler only contains caffeinated coffee.

I love the basic idea behind the coffee sampler.  The package provides a great way to experience coffee from different corners of the globe.  Kenya, Guatemala, Colombia, and Sumatra all have different coffee beans and therefore different coffee.  It is so much fun to compare different items!  My morning brew crew- Nana, my  husband, and myself were ready to try them all.

But before I get into the coffees themselves check out the way this sampler is packaged.  Very nice!  I would recommend this sampler as a gift not only for the coffee, of course, but also because it is displayed so nicely.  Obviously I removed the coffee from the little crate it came in and I am now using it to corral toys in the living room.  It looks great!  Check out my sampler below.

The first kind of bean we sampled was from Guatemala.  I’m not sure if I have ever had Guatemalan coffee before, but I found this flavor to be smooth.  It is a medium-dark roast as are most of the beans and indeed the flavor was not too strong or too weak.  All around a good coffee.  Next we actually sampled the Sumatra coffee, but I want to discuss the Colombian and Kenyan first.  Okay before I even get to discussing them I have a confession to make.  I hope anyone reading this is not an elite coffee drinker, because I can not drink coffee without my creamer.  I’m not talking about a polite little amount that gets poured on top.  I’m talking about a serious amount of creamer.  I will never be adult enough to drink coffee without it.  Sorry, not going to change.  To back up my review skills however, I can attest that my husband does NOT use anything in his coffee.  Straight up only.  Does that term only apply to liquor?  Hmmm…. lets get back to the coffee.  As I mentioned I found the medium-dark roasted Kenyan and Colombian to be somewhat similar to the Guatemalan.  The coffee that really stuck out from the rest? The  dark roasted Sumatra of course.  Perhaps it is not the origin of the beans that makes such a difference, but rather the roasting of the beans?  Based on my experience I would believe this to be true.  I innocently made the Sumatra blend one morning.  I was fairly confident my husband would love this blend as he prefers a dark roast.  And of course he loved it.  I don’t always like a dark roast, but I was surprised to find myself greatly enjoying this coffee.  This particular roast was definitely my husband I’s favorite from the pack.  Nana had a different reaction however.  Nana is sensitive to caffeine.  Not every kind, but rather those that are strong.  As it turns out, the Sumatra blend must be quite strong as Nana had the jitters later on after her cup.  She is obviously skipping this kind in the future.  I guess that just leaves more for my husband and me!

Overall my family enjoyed Community Coffee.  I would recommend the Around the World coffee sampler to any coffee lover!

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I received the above mentioned product for review purposes all opinions are my own.


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