Confession Time at Ivory’s The Soap Dish


If you have yet to check out Ivory’s The Soap Dish you might think we discuss soap.  It’s a logical conclusion, albeit a wrong one.

For the record I have not discussed soap of any variety at The Soap Dish:)  Instead it is a place for women and mothers to discuss life.

At the end of last week the conversation was geared towards life before kids.  Specifically if you could “rewind” your life, what part would you press “stop” on.

Many of the answers mentioned returning to high school or college.

Through the years I have sometimes reflection on my life before kids and wondered, “why in the heck did I not make more of all my free time!”.   I remember sleeping in til noon, spending hours aimlessly looking at books at Barnes and Noble, and seemingly to have all the time in the world.

My husband and I had plenty of time to discuss everything and anything.

We were wild and crazy back then.

Now, sometimes it feels as though I don’t really “talk” to him everyday.  Three little people are constantly in need of our attention.

Obviously we wouldn’t have it any other way, but if we did have a chance to stop time, I would take my husband and younger self to Hawaii.  I’m just sayin’…..

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So what is today’s topic?  Movies.  Specifically what are some of your favorites from this past year.  I admitted that my favorite was “Breaking Dawn” from the Twilight saga.  I am somewhat ashamed to admit this is my favorite.  I’m a college educated woman of 3* years!  I have three sons!   I don’t readily admit to most my love for these movies, yet somehow I just announced it to everyone……

What about you?  Do you share my love of silly movies or do you prefer serious thought provoking dramas.  Throw in your two cents at The Soap Dish.


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  1. Oh, I KNOW….I just want to shake the you know what out of younger me…..LOL…I was active- but I wish I had done a few things differently.

  2. Diane Hoffmaster says

    amazing how you don’t notice free time until it’s gone! Hubby and I love sci fi movies but rarely have the time to enjoy any more!

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