Confetti Confidential Review


Confetti Confidential

By Holly McQueen


Having realized that fashion design may not be the best profession for her, Isabel Bookbinder has made another career move – this time, into the world of wedding planning! She’s still the ditzy, adorable heroine that we love, and her early misadventures include brides being delivered to the wrong ceremony, brides not actually turning up at all – that sort of thing! But despite all that, she is really beginning to get quite good at her job. She’s landed a big celebrity client, and she’s moved in with her perfect lawyer boyfriend, Will – and this time, it’s for good. So when her best friend gets engaged to her brother, it seems like the universe is finally aligning in Isabel’s favor – that is, until Will becomes increasingly reluctant to discuss their future…

Will Isabel be able to pull off the wedding that could make or break her career? Can she ever measure up in her father’s eyes? And will she ever have a wedding day all of her own?

With her characteristic humor, charm, and tendency to stumble into sticky situations, Isabel Bookbinder is an irresistible heroine you’re sure to fall in love with.

Confetti Confidential is available at Amazon for $9.15

First, let me state that I was not familiar with Isabel Bookbinder and her other books (The Glamorous (Double) Life of Isabel Bookbinder & Fabulously Fashionable) before reading this one.   That being said it was completely unnecessary to read the previous novels in order to enjoy this one.  Each book stands on its own.

As I began reading this book I was unsympathetic to the main character Isabel.  She seemed flaky and immature.  However, as the story developed I began to have more understanding of Isabel.  One subject in particular seemed to resonate to me.  Isabel is easily dismissed by her intensely serious father.     She is something of a “black sheep” of the family even though she doesn’t realize her mother is quite similar.  He is sooooo judgmental of her and I find that so sad.  Obviously this is very true to life as many people in this world are serious and critical.  I just wanted her father to lighten up and give her a break.

While I found Isabel’s relationship with her father to be a serious element to the story, most of the book is lighthearted and fun.    Isabel takes each moment as it comes and adds a dash of her own drama.   The book definitely has a Bridget Jones’s Diary feel to it and as the story progresses it also felt a little like Sex and the City to me- (minus the sex, as the book is PG).  I’m not sure if Isabel’s friend Barney is gay, but he reminded me of Stanford.

Isabel seems to have a knack for getting in over her head and the problems/drama keep coming.   Her ultimate challenge is planning a celebrity wedding in three weeks.  This is her chance to shine as an independent wedding planner, but her client doesn’t even know she is working independently.  Isabel does not always handle every situation with common sense and therefore creates her own drama.

While Isabel Bookbinder IS flaky and immature in some ways, she is also sweet and quirky.  I found myself enjoying this story and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an easy, fun read.  I think Confetti Confidential would make a great movie.   I love a good romantic comedy and this would definitely fit the bill.


I was provided a copy to review, however all opinions are my own.

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