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Constructible Transformers!?! This is every little boy’s dream come true! There is no denying my boys have a sense of extreme enthusiasm looking at the mere image of these toys.   My little guys have long been fans of Transformers in any way, shape or form.  But a typical Transformer toy does have a somewhat limited degree of creativity in the sense that it can only be transformed into two ways.  These new Construct-Bots breakout of those limited capabilities and allow children to create a Transformer character of their hearts desire.  I’m always looking to support my children’s sense of creativity and imagination and I love toys that lend themselves to this form of play. 

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My little guys take advantage of the interchangeable parts to create Transformer characters that they envision.  Sure, they can convert to robot and vehicle mode without taking the items apart, but they can also add pieces from different sets to create an ultimate Transformer.  Of course switching pieces might require sharing between siblings.  That aspect could prove to be the most difficult part of this experience:)

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In my house there is a lot of time spent attempting to build the ideal Transformer.  Each one of my three boys has an imagined image of what they want their character to look like. As a general rule they always want bigger weapons and an ultimate fighting mode stance.  And now they can create these larger than life images by customizing their own Transformer.  

transformers construct bots

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I’m surprised it has take the toy companies this long to create this idea.   My husband would have loved this toy as a child therefore he’s attempting to recapture some of this potentially missed opportunity by constructing with our little guys too.  Once a little boy…..always a little boy:) 

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These Transformer Construct-Bots have made my home a very happy place.  While I might not personally relish in playing with Transformers there is no denying the joy they have brought to my guys. If you are looking for Christmas ideas for boys ages 4-10, I highly recommend this exciting toy line. 

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  1. I am so getting this for the boys in the family, it doesn´t have to be the little ones, the adult boys would love them too in their offices I am sure. Thanks for the review, it is great!

  2. It’s hard to believe how long Transformers have been around. My boys played with them and now some of my grandsons play with them!

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