Cranium Brain Breaks Review & Giveaway


My family has loved the game Cranium for a long time.  I remember back when it first came out, it was the hot game to own.  My husband and I, along with his family, spent countless hours playing the classic version of the game.  This was before the idea of a Family Game Night was even around.   Some families just enjoy playing games together- always have, always will.

Cranium has had many updates and variations since its 1998 release.  Cranium Brain Breaks is Hasbro’s newest release on this classic game.  Those of us who are familiar with the original Cranium will notice some similarities.

The classic Cranium categories remain- Creative Cat, Word Worm, Data Head, and Star Performer (I personally think Star Performer is the funniest, however I always seem to do best at Data Head)

I think of Cranium Brain Breaks as a fast, updated version of traditional Cranium.  The basic categories are the same, the main difference is that there is no board involved in this version.  Instead the players can simply choose to make the game as long as they want.  Pressed for time?  Simply play a five card game (each card takes one minute).  Want something longer?  Play for more cards.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Yep, party game.

With no board for everyone to strive to see and play off of, your guests can comfortably gather in any type of setting.

And with 200 different “games” included you can play several times without repeating.

This game is Cranium for a larger player basis and with an adjustable time limit. Perfect!

If you like traditional Cranium, like my family does, this game is definitely for you!

Got a minute? That’s all you’ll need to play one of the two hundred games in the all-new Cranium Brain Breaks. This game is perfect for those few spare moments in the day when you don’t have time for a full game, but have a couple minutes for fun before the next scheduled activity. Each of the 200 different games can be played in 60 seconds or less and is stored in a compact purple brain-shaped case.

All of the classic Cranium categories of Creative Cat, Word Worm, Star Performer and Data Head are included so everyone in the family can take a stab at sculpting with the Cranium clay, showcasing their hidden acting talents or flexing their brain muscles as everyone works together to successfully complete the challenges. Here’s one to start with now! Order the following items from lightest to heaviest:

·       Oldest player’s favorite book

·       Baseball bat

·       Youngest player

·       Family pet

Cranium Brain Breaks is currently available at mass merchandise retailers nationwide for $14.99.

One lucky Mama Report reader will win their own copy of Cranium Brain Breaks and will have a great game for the holiday entertaining season!

I received the above mentioned game for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


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