CSNStores.com Rug Review and Home Decor Update


I have a new update to my living room redecorating plan.  I purchased a new rug from CSN.stores.com to liven up the room.  Here are the results.

I had purchased a rug at Target that was lovely, but this one was beautiful and CHEAPER!

I think the colors in the rug are beautiful and work amazingly well with the rest of the colors in the room.  This is not a real oriental rug of course.  Instead this is a much cheaper look-a-like.  With three little boys using the living room constantly it didn’t seem like a good idea to spend a lot of money on something they walk on.  I was amazed at the awesome selection of rugs CSNstores provided.  It was easy to search for the kind of rug I wanted.  The rugs are divided by types- oriental, contemporary,….etc.  They are also categorized by color.  I love these kind of search options.  Some websites do not have these features and it is much more time consuming to find what you want.  I knew I wanted a blue oriental looking rug and the website immediately presented me with a number of beautiful options.  After some hemming and hawing, with the help of Nana, we decided upon the porcelain traditional rug.  Here is the picture from the store.

The rug is just the right size and the price was perfect at $55.  I have only one complaint at this point and I’m hopeful that it will resolve itself.  Rather than rolling the rug, it was folded.  And as you can see in the pictures the fold marks are still there.  After close to two weeks they have diminished some, but they are still there.  Will they go away?  I sure hope so.  I wish they would roll their rugs rather than fold them in the future.  That would easily fix this problem.

Overall I am very pleased with my first purchase and experience with CSNStores.

  • the selection was great
  • shipping time was standard and my rug arrived just as stated
  • shipping was FREE
  • prices were reasonable
  • website provided for easy searching
  • my rug is beautiful!

I will definitely look to CSNStores in the future for my decorating needs.  Next purchase?  Bookcases for the back wall.  I will update next week with pictures!

I received a discount on my rug in exchange for a review of my experience, however my opinions are my own.


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