David Oreck’s Pure Air Candle Review


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Pure Air Soy Candles are made with Odor Control Technology that eliminates unpleasant odors by counteracting them while delivering pleasant fragrances in their place.  Pure Air candles are effective on even the strongest household odors including kitchen, pet, and cigarette smoke.

Pure Air candles are environmentally friendly, containing no harsh chemicals or VOC’s.

Apparently there are two different labels.  The one above is available for purchase from the website, however this is the one I received for review purposes.

The first thing I noticed about this candle was something odd: the label had a photo of a man on it, holding one finger in the air. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a candle label before with a person on it. But, then again, I’ve usually bought the elegant, relaxation type candle, versus a utility candle, which is the category into which I would put this candle. I am accustomed to seeing images of flowers or some other elegant design on my candle labels, I suppose. There seems to be an implication that we’d know this gentleman pictured, otherwise why would it be important to put his image on the candle? It turns out this man’s image is part of the Oreck brand, I discovered via a Google search, as the photo is of Mr. Oreck, the founder of the company most known for its vacuums. In an age of DVRs where some people like me have hardly seen a single commercial in over seven years, however, it is probably a false assumption that I would recognize Mr. Oreck on my candle label.

The rest of the packaging is well-done: the candle glass appears to be good quality and has an appealing shape. The wax appears to be quality.

The smell, before lighting, seemed a bit like floor washing soap, rather than a typical candle. I hoped that the odor would improve with lighting the candle, but unfortunately, that would not be the case.

As far as the practical purpose of this candle is concerned, I definitely think there would be a market for it. As someone who likes to cook, has had a house on the market recently, and has two kids who have recently worn diapers, I can appreciate the idea of something to mask or destroy foul odors in my home.

So, I opened up my kitchen trash can and sniffed to ensure that there was indeed an unpleasant odor that needed addressing; the trash can did not let me down. I burned the candle for about 30 minutes, part of which I was in the kitchen with the candle and part of which I was in another room with my children. When I returned to the room, I was overwhelmed with a fake (i.e., not a spice or plant found in nature), cloying fragrance, and I finally had to blow out the candle due to the smell.

The candle appeared to have medium efficacy in dissipating my kitchen trash odor. It seemed to be at least in part masking my foul odor with the candle’s fragrance, and I was uncertain if it was actually eliminating my odor.

Would I purchase this candle in the future? Probably not. While appreciating the need for this kind of odor-dissipating product, the smell was too much of a turn-off in this case.

This review was written by Lisa for The Mama Report.

I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links. 


  1. Phil Wilson says

    I have two 180lb. English Mastiffs, and I must admit, I do not keep them bathed as often as I should. For years, I have tried everything I could find to help control the dog odor in my home. My dogs are perfectly house broken, but when you have huge dogs like mine, you do get a dog odor, from them just being in the house. Everything I tried would “mask” the oder for a couple of days, and then it would return as bad as before. About three months ago, I ordered the Oreck Pure Air candles, and I could not be happier! They do not hide the oder with perfume…they really do eliminate it! I don’t know how they do it, but they work!

  2. Melissa Barker says

    I too would agree w mr. Wilson. We have puppies and it works. I was amazed and want more. Good job oreck.

  3. I got really tired of burning incence, trying to eliminate house odors. All of those ashes dropping all over the place.
    These candles really do the trick in eliminating unwanted smells.
    I bought the sample set and liked all of them!!
    Especially the Mulberry….it smells sooooooooo good!!!!
    Yes, I would highly recommend these candles for your home!!

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