Decking the Halls at a Furious Pace


The passing of Thanksgiving officially unleashes Christmas at my house.  I deem any Christmas-like actions before Thanksgiving “illegal”.  My husband is the biggest culprit listening to Christmas music right after Halloween.  I like to tease him, but I can’t say I blame him for listening so early.  Christmas lasts such a small number of days we just want to extend the joy.

Since Friday, I have been working to deck the halls.  I have an obscene unknown number of totes and boxes in my basement that I dutifully drag out one by one.  My kids follow me around with curiosity to see the books, stuffed animals, and decorations that have been packed away since last year.   It is exciting, fun, nostalgic, and exhausting.  I’m not going to lie, I get a little crabby throughout the process.  Chaos reigns until I start to actually conquer the unorganized home decor.

Mr. and Mrs. Frosty’s reappearance is loved by both my children and my husband.  He actually grew up with these plastic salt and pepper shakers and played with them as a kid.  Now my boys do the same.  As a parent you just never know what simple decorating items will hold significance in the years to come.  Mr. and Mrs. Frosty certainly are not expensive or an example of high end decorating, but they are well loved.  While we eat I frequently find myself stating, “put Mr. Frosty down now“.

As of today, I still have my enormous village to construct.  Every year my husband and I select a new piece to add to my collection- a symbol of our married years together.  Obviously, my collection started out small, but now after 13 1/2 married years my village is getting massive.  But the look on my children’s faces is priceless when they see this lighted magical mini-town.  And the significance of represented years together will leave a subtle message to my children and hopefully make the season all the more special.

Every year during my holiday shopping expeditions I always manage to find a few new items to add into our collection.  And I feel as though I actually need more decorations this year.  I like to have Christmas literally bursting at the seems in our house!:)  But for me there is nothing better than a festive decorated home to reign in the holiday season.

What about you?  Did you decorate your house this weekend?  Are you looking for any specific decorations this year to add to your collection?





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  1. I go as far as a tree, some garland on the stair banister and lights on the outdoor columns. We just finished putting it all up 🙂

  2. Looks nice! I don’t decorate much. Just some lights and candles.


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