Dermacyte Oxygen Concentrate Review


DERMACYTE products are the perfect marriage between science and nature.

What is Dermacyte?

DERMACYTE emulsion was created by a team of scientists who have been working for 15 years on the development of oxygen-based treatments for life-threatening medical conditions.

Helped by the miracle of modern technology and after extensive research, their experiments resulted in the discovery of oxycyte technology, a unique and highly effective carrier that delivers oxygen to damaged tissues. Oxycyte technology allows the transfer of large amounts of dissolved natural oxygen without the use of chemical activators like hydrogen peroxide, which is known to dry and bleach skin.

Given that oxygen is vital for the healthy appearance of skin and is known to have a beneficial effect on wound healing, Oxycyte technology inspired the creation of a new oxygen-enriched skincare product.

Within a short time, the appearance of fine lines started to fade, complexions were softer and smoother. Dull-looking skin regained moistness and a healthy glow. Skin had finally found a way to reclaim its youth.

Excited by the discovery, the scientist named the new emulsion DERMACYTE Oxygen Concentrate and skincare history was made.

Dermacyte Oxygenating Eye Complex

A smooth, delicate treatment to refresh, hydrate and restore the appearance of youth to your eye contour area. Let DERMACYTE Oxygenating Eye Complex enhance your skin’s hydration, elasticity and smoothness while protecting it against environmental stress.

My thoughts?

I am not an expert on eye creams.  I must admit I have rarely used them.  I probably should start.  I am not getting any younger!  Nonetheless I found the eye cream to be quite pleasant.  It was easy to apply and it did not sting my eye or make them water as some creams in the past have.

I turned this bottle over to the real eye cream expert- Nana.  Nana uses eye creams religiously.  I guess that is what is in store for my future:)  Let’s just say Nana is over 50 and would like to add a little extra firmness to the area around her eyes.  Nana’s initial observation was that the cream is definitely high quality.  Her eyes felt smooth and soft after an application.  She is hopeful that with continued use it will help diminish her dark circles and any fine lines. 

Dermacyte Oxygen Concentrate

A multi-beneficial oxygen spot treatment that brings the look of youth to your skin.

Oxycyte technology, the extraordinary skin-oxygenating process attainable with Dermacyte Oxygen Concentrate, revolutionizes oxygen skin care. The Oxygen Concentrate bathes your skin with rich oxygen, smoothing and moistening it while helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines.  Your complexion is instantly brighter and energized. Think of DERMACYTE Oxygen Concentrate as an oxygen bar for your skin.

My thoughts?

This cream is unlike any that I have used before.  It almost seems to disappear as soon as you put it on.  I’m guessing it has something to do with the oxygen concentrate.  A few simple rubs and “poof” its gone!  It is almost hard to describe, but it is definitely unlike any other of the creams I’ve used.  Other creams I’ve used have been heavy and sometimes require time to absorb into the skin.

Has it helps my skin?  It is hard for me to notice little changes in my skin, but I have a strong feeling that with continued use this cream will only make my skin look better.  I have been using it for approximately two weeks and I am definitely going continue my use.  I received too much sun on my face last summer so I am hoping that this Oxygen Concentrate will help repair some of that damage.

The price?

At $84 and $95 per bottle these creams are not what I would call “cheap”.  However high quality creams never are.  If you want help for fine lines, wrinkles, skin regeneration, or skin repair I would recommend Dermacyte products.


I received the stated products for review purpose, all opinions are my own. 

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