Detergent Booster for Laundry Stains- Biz Stain Fighters (#DirtyLaundry)


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I'm so glad you all can't actually peer into my house right now.  Dirty laundry is not my friend.  I can never seem to get caught-up.  It is a never ending cycle.  Even if I do magically have all the laundry clean for a brief moment of time, it will only take a few more moments for something to be dirty.  Such is the the life of a mom of three young boys.  

I am more than happy to have a little assistance with my daily laundry battle.  Luckily Biz makes a Stain Fighter than can help resuce any of our stain outfits.  Mud, marker, pencils, food- you name it!  Unfortuantely little boys leave all kinds of miscellaneous grossiness on their pants.  Adding a little Biz StainFighter to my laundry load is a great way to keep our clothes looking super clean and fresh. 

Check out this video below for all the great uses of Biz. 

If you are in need of a little extra support for your laundry or even for dirty items around your house- you'll want to take advantage of the current $1 Biz coupon available.  Saving money and keeping the hosue clean is a good thing, right?!

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How do you keep your clothes looking clean?  Do you already use Biz?  Pleae share your tips and tricks in teh comments section below!  

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