“Dino Dan- Dino Trackers” DVD Review & Giveaway


Dinosaurs never lose their appeal to kids of all ages – but what makes the “Dino Dan” series unique is that it was developed under the guidance of paleontologists at Canada’s Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta. In fact,  a real-life paleontologist at the museum named Dr. Don Henderson is the inspiration for the “Dino Dan” character!

The “Dino Dan – Dino Trackers” DVD contains five adventure stories featuring a boy nicknamed Dino Dan (played by Jason Spevack).  He’s a curious 10-year-old who imagines there are real dinosaurs living all around him – but only he can see them!  The DVD’s interactive bonus content adds to the enjoyment.  It is priced at $9.99 at Amazon.

Did you know?

•a Brachiosaurus could live up to one hundred years!

•a Corythosaurus dinosaur had a large protective plate on top of its head.

•a Spinosaurus had bony rods on its back that held up a “sail” made of skin.

These facts are just a small sampling of some of the interesting information available in the Dino Dan series.  My four year old is currently obsessed with dinosaurs and this DVD could not have arrived at a better time.  Sometimes I will see him looking off in the distance obviously lost in thought, upon asking him what he is thinking about he usually replies with something like this, “Mom, there are dinosaurs that could fly”.    It seems as though he almost always has dinosaurs in his thoughts.  It doesn’t help that he just received a large book dedicated to dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures from his Nana.  He literally freaks out every time anyone turns to the megalodon page.

His elder brother, age seven, also has an interest in dinosaurs though not to the almost obsessive nature that my four year old does.   I knew both boys were going to love this show.  We had actually seen an advertisement in our Kids National Geographic magazine and my four year old commented that he wanted to see it.  Both boys love the DVD and show, its as simple as that.  I imagine most boys will naturally be drawn to this and even many girls as well.

While it was obviously a hit with my kids I have to admit that I also really enjoyed the show.  This is the kind of TV I want my kids watching.  It has real child actors and shows how to use your imagination.  The dinosaurs that only Dan can see look great thanks to CGI technology.  Having dinosaurs come to life is an awe striking experience.  Interlaced through out the show are facts regarding the beasts.  This DVD is truly the best television has to offer our youth.  Children will learn the names and basics of dinosaurs while being thoroughly entertained.

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