Do You Know What You are Getting with Your Oil Change?


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With all of our summer travels it is inevitable that we would need an oil change. Usually I just drop off my vehicle, blindly wanting them to “make it all good”.  I’m a fairly knowledgeable lady.  But if I don’t know something I research it.  Yes, the internet is my friend:) But even with good research skills car information can seem like gobbledegook to me. It’s all mechanical and technical, and completely foreign to my mind.

But thanks to the American Petroleum Institute I now consider myself a bit more knowledgeable in an easy to use understandable format.  The MOM’s Oil Change Checklist (Motor Oil Matters) gives this mom direction when it comes to my oil change.  With my checklist in hand I visited my local dealership for my regular oil change.

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Needless to say, my dealership was very surprised when I asked about the motor oil’s brand, performance level and viscosity. Yeah, those words are not part of my normal vocabulary:)  But after the receptionist checked with the mechanics I felt reassured that my facility is a good fit for me and my van.  With a performance standard of API SN and a viscosity of 5W30, my dealership is using the best on my vehicle.

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And while I still might not understand most things about my car, a few simple questions reassured me that my dealership is taking my oil change seriously.  Did you know you can search for a MOM licensed motor oil location near you?  But even if your normal garage isn’t licensed don’t forget to print your checklist for easy assurance that your car is receiving the correct and best oil.

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