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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Orkin Ecologist for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m not a fan of bugs.  They are squishy. And creepy. And crawly. And disgusting.  I have no interest in being anywhere near them.  I have two basic instincts when it comes to bugs: if they are little- kill them- and if they are large- keep away. 

My dislike of bugs has taken a new leaf, however since I have become the mother of three young boys. Three bug loving boys.  In fact my six year old is a budding scientist.  He loves animals.  He loves to study nature and BUGS.  

I’ve had to adjust the way I react to bugs. I’ve had to adapt more of a “oooo, that’s interesting, honey” philosophy.  I can’t bring myself to actually look too much.  But I do encourage the boys to appreciate nature and bugs. They are fascinated and their interest and natural curiosity is undeniable.  

It is common for people to be scared of bugs.  Here are the top 10 bug phobias. My greatest fear is actually an insect- a grasshopper. I hate how they jump around and they are soooooo gross! I can’t help scream and desperately try to get away when they are near.  I guess I must have Entomophobia. That sounds so official and medical.  

But for the rest of the bug family, I try my best not to #Bugout.  I put on a smile and brave face and say, “that’s great hony, I’m so happy you like that bug”. The things a mother does for her children:) 

If you are looking to educate your little ones, or yourself for that matter, on the various aspect of bugs check out the Orkin Ecologist website for all the facts.  And don’t forget to connect via Facebook and Pinterest

Do you #BugOut? Or are you cool and collected? Are you facinated like my boys? Share your #BugOut moments via a comment below or on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, just be use the hashtag #BugOut.  


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