Dr. Fresh FireFly Toothbrush Review


Does your child give tooth brushing short shrift? Add some pizzazz and a little “character” to the routine and watch him/her brighten at the prospect of spending the requisite time at the sink. From Dr. Fresh®, the leader in children’s oral care, comes a family of light-up timer character toothbrushes that dazzle, delight and defend against cavities. Choose the original colorful and sparkly FireFly®, baby FireFly or indulge your kid’s passion for dolls, cars, cartoons or comics with Barbie, Hot Wheels, Spider-Man or the new Peanuts models. Each lights up at the touch of a button and flashes for one minute — the time dentists say is needed to thoroughly brush each row of teeth.

This “flashy” FireFly family includes:

Original FireFly – A brightly colored toothbrush with a flashing light that blinks to indicate how long your child should brush each row of teeth, top and bottom. Try it in “disco mode” with lights off! SRP $.99

Baby FireFly – Babies love color and light, and this toothbrush, which comes in baby pink and baby blue, lights up and flashes to keep them distracted while mommy brushes their teeth. Sized for baby and toddlers’ mouth. SRP $2.49

Barbie – The legendary doll and original FireFly’s chic cousin. The light even blinks a sparkly pink to match Barbie’s dress. SRP $2.99

Spiderman – The super-hero alter-ego of the FireFly – defends against the dark forces of cavities while scaling tall buildings. SRP $2.99

Hot Wheels – Auto-motivate your child to brush longer and better! This toothbrush features the classic toy car and puts kids in the driver’s seat when it comes to good hygiene. SRP $2.99

Peanuts – The beloved Snoopy is now tooth brushing’s best friend. The winsome canine from the iconic comic strip sits atop this colorful toothbrush. SRP $2.49

Inadequate, rushed brushing is one of the number one causes of early childhood cavities; these friendly and familiar character brushes encourage compliance in young children and helps instill good oral care habits for a lifetime

Soft, high quality dupont bristles won’t cause microscopic cuts to children’s delicate gums

Ergonomically sized for a child’s hands.

Light stops functioning after approximately 3 months, indicating it is time to replace the toothbrush

Available at Target, Meijer’s, and drugstores and mass merchandisers nationwide; www.fireflytoothbrush.com

Don’t my guys look happy brushing:)

My children are fans of FireFly toothbrushes.  Kids are easy to please.  Give them something that lights up and they are happy!  As a parent I like the idea that your child should be brushing as long as it is flashing.  All too often my kids think they are finished brushing after a quick sweep through their mouths.  These toothbrushes help teach them that it takes longer to properly brush your teeth.  As a parent you still need to make sure they are brushing their teeth the way they should.  My three year old pretty much just likes to suck on the brush, but we are working on teaching him the correct method of brushing.  The blinking part comes in the most handy with my oldest son who usually brushes his teeth by myself.  He can tend to brush them too quickly and so the flashing minute Spiderman toothbrush helps remind him to slow down.  My youngest son, age 16 months, is just learning to become familiar with a toothbrush.  I don’t usually actually brush his teeth- perhaps I should be, but his teeth are pretty far apart at this point.  While I’m not actually brushing his teeth I think it is important for him to play with a toothbrush just to become familiar with it.  He loves it!  All my kids at this age love at least chewing on a toothbrush.

Overall my children are very happy with FireFly toothbrushes and I would recommend them.  They make great gifts too!

I received the toothbrushes as mentioned above to review, however my opinions are my own.


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