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dragons of beserk

My boys loved the movie How to Train Your Dragon and I have no doubt they are going to be fans of this new two part DVD- Dragons Riders of Berk.  Look for our review soon!

The two-part DVD set is jam-packed with special features that dive deeper into the world of Dragons.  As a bonus, each DVD comes with a code to unlock an ultimate battle pack – and in select DVDs an exclusive Whispering Death or Thunderdrum dragon – for the DreamWorks’ School of Dragons game. School of Dragons lets players enter the world of Berk, where Hiccup, Toothless and other friends help players become the finest dragon trainers around.  With cinema-like graphics and an immersive 3D world, it takes more than courage to train a dragon, but brains as well. For more information, visit http:www.schoolofdragons.com.

DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk DVD Features:

  • World of DreamWorks
  • Dragon Tracker Part 1
  • Evolution of Thunderdrum
  • “Heavy Metal” Dragon Mash-Up
  • Sneak Peeks

If your little ones love the show and want to be like Hiccup and the others, here is the Kids’ Guide to Being a Viking;)

Vikings at Sea 

vikings at sea

Not all Vikings travel by dragon like they do in Berk! Vikings built great, big boats called longships for war. Each one could carry at least 60 men! Even though they were so large, Viking longships were designed to be speedy and could move through the water much faster than other boats.

Viking Clothes

viking clothes

Vikings from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden dress a lot like Vikings from Berk, but with more layers. To stay warm in the cold winters, Vikings wore clothes made of wool, animal skin, or linen and shoes made of thick leather or goatskin.  In battle, they wore helmets made of leather or iron.

Viking Homes 

viking home

Vikings really knew how to make the most of their surroundings! Houses were built of stone, mud, and blocks of turf.  They made thatched roofs from woven sticks covered in mud. Vikings probably wouldn’t let dragons sleep in their houses the way Toothless does!

Viking Children 

viking children

The Vikings in Berk get to go to the Dragon Academy to learn about how to become better dragon trainers. Instead of going to school, real Viking kids stayed home to help their parents work. Even without school and books, children could learn about history through songs and stories passed down from the older members of the town.

Viking Food 

viking food

The dragons in Berk eat fish, veggies, and bread given to them by their riders. Vikings ate similar foods, but also enjoyed meat from farm animals or wild animals that they would hunt. They drank out of wooden cups or drinking horns. Sometimes they had feasts for festivals that would last over a week!

Here are some awesome Dragon badges to print for your little Viking as well!






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  1. My grandson likes Toothless

  2. Heather Freeman says

    I like Toothless best.

  3. We like Hookfang!

  4. Sacha Schroeder says

    Toothless is my favorite as well!

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  7. Toothless is my favorite

  8. I like Toothless.

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    Toothless is my favorite dragon.

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    I like stormfly the best.

  11. Toothless is our favorite.

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    Toothless is the fan favorite.

  13. Sylvia White says

    I like Toothless

  14. toothless is my favorite

  15. Daniel M says


  16. Jennifer Rogers says

    Welike Stormfly!

  17. I’ll go with Toothless

  18. Toothless

  19. mrsshukra says

    We like Toothless!

  20. toothless in our house..I also like stormfly though

  21. We like Toothless! Best of them all 🙂

  22. We agree with most people. we love toothless.

  23. Charlene S says

    I like toothless.

  24. Toothless is my favorite. He kind of looks like my dog.

  25. Elaine Lund says

    Love Toothless!

  26. joanne major says

    toothless because he reminds the kids of their grandpa

  27. Seyma Shabbir says

    Toothless, he is the star!

  28. April Brenay says

    Toothless! he’s the best!

  29. sandra davis says

    i like stormfly

  30. I hate joining the majority but I like Toothless.

  31. Carrie Phelps says

    I think Meatlug is scary and yet so cute!

  32. I like toothless, he reminds me of our black cat.

  33. Kathy L. says

    My Grandson loves Toothless the best!

  34. Michelle S says

    I like Stormfly

  35. Debra Hall says

    my favorite is meatlug

  36. toothless is my grandsons favorite

  37. Lori Daily says

    My daughters favorite is Toothless on the movie, but on the series it is Whispering Death, and she is going crazy wanting a code for one on the game!

  38. Jessica Cox says

    I like toothless he reminds me of a puppy with his eyes

  39. Andrea Williams says

    Toothless is my favorite dragon.

  40. Carmen S says

    Toothless! Thanks for the chance!

  41. Stephanie Larison says

    My daughter likes Toothless

  42. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  43. Adrienne Gordon says


  44. Stephanie Grant says

    I really like Hookfang 🙂

  45. Dorothy Teel says

    In this movie Bare and Belch which is what I do all the time.. LOL in real life Puff the Magic Dragon is my age dragon..LOL

  46. I would have to say Toothless. Thanks for the review and opportunity.

  47. Toothless Rules 🙂

  48. danielle lima says

    my daughter likes toothless

  49. Christina Oddy says

    probably toothless

  50. Dania Cintron says

    Toothless here too! And the one with the two heads but I forgot the name 🙂

  51. Mindy DeLisi says

    Of course Toothless!

  52. Toothless !!!

  53. Our favorite dragon is Toothless, but they are all pretty neat dragons!

  54. susan smoaks says

    our favorite is toothless too, so cute!

  55. Toothless is our favorite!

  56. My boys like Toothless

  57. He loves Toothless~!

  58. My favorite is Stormfly. Thanks.

  59. Toothless

  60. rebecca day says


  61. Colleen W says

    I think Barf & Belch look funny.

  62. rene miller says

    stormfly of course

  63. I like Barf and Belch

  64. Toothless is our fam’s fav!

  65. Joseph Stowell says

    Toothless, of course.

  66. Austin Baroudi says

    Definitely Toothless!

  67. toothless

  68. Michelle C says

    My son’s favorite is Wodensfang. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  69. Toothless of course!

  70. Michele C. says

    Toothless would probably be the favorite

  71. Suzie Williams says

    I like the Gronkle.

  72. Toothless is my favorite.

  73. Christy Anderson says

    Toothless is my favorite!

  74. I like Toothless.

  75. I really like toothless!

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    toothless rocks

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    My favorite is Toothless

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    Our favorite has always been Toothless.


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    Love Toothless!

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    We love Toothless!

  81. Our favorite is Toothless!

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    My favorite is Meatlug.

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  84. Ed Nemmers says


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    My favorite is Toothless

  86. Susan Smith says

    Toothless is my favorite dragon

  87. Candice Hull says

    I’m a Meatlug fan myself

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    Our favorite is Toothless.

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  90. I have loved Toothless since How to train your dragon.

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    Toothless is the fav

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    My son likes Meatlug

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    Toothless, hands down.

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    Totally Love Toothless =)

  100. Lori Walker says


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    my favorite is stormfly 🙂

  102. my favorite is Toothless

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    Toothless for sure!

  105. Corey Olomon says


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    I like Stormfly! 🙂

  107. Francine Anchondo says


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    I really wanted to be different then the rest, but hands down this house picks toothless

  109. My boys love these.

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    I love Toothless, he is so adorable.

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