Earthly Elements Review


Earthly Elements is a holistic way to indulge your body and your sense- from our packaging to the wholesome, premium ingredients we use in every one of our formulas.

Being “one” with nature is the essence of who we are.  Our personal care products for the hair and body will re-energize you and our natural aromatherapy oils will do wonders for your mind, senses and spirit.

Discover Earthly Elements- our products are good for your hair, your body and your senses, all while being a loyal friend of the earth.


I recently received a set of Earthly Elements products.  I was so excited, because the the bottles look amazing.  Notice how they each have a beautiful decorative charm on them?  I love that!  EACH bottle comes with a charm in its corresponding color and has a word of inspiration.  I believe that this feature alone sets Earthly Elements above its competitors.  These bottles make excellent gifts.  I like to give body products as presents and these charms really help had a festive tone to the product. I received Brazilian Citrus Shampoo, Island Jasmine Conditioner, Moroccan Vanilla Body Wash, and Hawaiian Ginger Body Lotion.  I found the shampoo and conditioner to be very pleasant.  I love nice smelling toiletries.  Whop doesn’t?  I am happy however that they do not contain SLS or artificial ingredients.  Most of the time when you purchase a nice smelling beauty product it is full of all kinds of unhealthy chemicals.  Earthly Elements might be slightly more expensive than a generic beauty product, but you are paying for quality.

If I was forced to pick a favorite I would choose the body wash.  I love body wash.  I don’t know why.  Perhaps because I really do not like bar soap, so body wash sounds appealing.  The body lotion was also a winner.  I do not use body lotion nearly as much as I should.  However that Hawaiian Ginger body lotion made me want to use lotion on a regular basis.

Based on my experience with Earthly Elements I would definately recommend their products.  I’m really taken by the beautiful charms and lovely colored bottles.  They look exquisite and smell amazing and would make a great gift.  Earthly Elements products are currently available for purchase at Amazon.

Earthly Elements website is still under construction, hopefully they will have it running soon.

Here is a preview.

I received Earthly Elements products to review, however all opinions are my own.

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