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My family’s safety is my number one priority.  We always wear our seat-belts, the children always wear their helmets when riding bike, and my husband and I make sure to watch the kids closely while they are in the water.  Luckily, I don’t need to worry about neighborhood safety issues.  We live in a small development, a 1/4 of a mile outside of an extremely small town in Minnesota.

Last week we were on vacation.  While we were gone countless packages piled up outside our door (the joy/work of two bloggers in the family).  We realized this probably wasn’t the smarted thing to allow to happen, but the chance of theft was pretty slim.

Not everyone lives in our type of comfortable environment.  All across the country, certainly in denser population based areas, it is best to be much more proactive about home safety.  It used to be that home security systems were expensive and extensive to install.  Times have changed.  In today’s technology advanced society, home security has made advances as well. Now you can have wireless home security that is affordable.  Plus you can easily Buy Home Security Online!  Is there anything you can’t get online?:)

LifeShield Home Security has three different options to fit your lifestyle and home.  Regardless of the plan, you don’t pay for the physical equipment.  Instead you actually pay for the service.  Their most popular plan, the Gold Package, comes with the following…

If you commit to the plan for 60 months you receive a discount making the base price at $24.99 a month.  All plans also include web and mobile apps that allow you to have instant access to your home at all times.  No land line phone?  No problem.  No longer is a land line phone a requirement.

Not everybody needs home security.  But for those who do, LifeShield Home Security makes protecting your home convenient and easy.  Check out the company online to see their full selection of options.


This is a sponsored post through my affiliation with BFPR, all opinions expressed are my own.

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