Easy Listening with Avantree Hive Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones


I received the product below for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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We live in a digital age.  There are cell phones, tablet devices, and laptops in a multitude of brands and models.  Within a normal family there could be several different people each using their own electronic device.  And each of these people would benefit from accessories to help utilize their apparatus.  I am a new iPhone 5 owner.  I’m very happy about this fact.  You should have seen my last phone.   It was truly awful.  I’m glad to finally join the modern world with my latest Apple goody, but since I have a number of phone meetings I knew a set of headphones would be very handy.  Like any busy family I frequently have children running in and out of the room while I’m trying to listen to important information.  And while my iPhone is a step up from my old cell phone, having good quality headphones is that much better.

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These Avantree Hive Wireless Bluetooth headphones I received have worked great!  Okay, okay I have a sad confession.  I haven’t actually used the bluetooth enabled portion, I just don’t need it.  But I have used these headphone hooked up to my iPhone and to my laptop.  It takes approximately one second to hook them together and the reception is fabulous.  I love being able to clearly hear the person on the other end of the line.  And I love that all the other noises around me are diminished, giving strength to the area I want to hear- either from my phone or from my computer.

If you listen to music on your laptop or make frequent phone calls these headphones are a great option for excellent sound quality.




  1. Sounds like they have great quality.

  2. Calshondra Williams says

    I listen to music on my laptop. I would love to try these. Beat it would sound so much better.

  3. I don’t personally use headphones, however my son whom is a tech specialist uses them daily.

  4. Karen Boblett says

    We use headphones all the time at our house. I would love to try these. Thanks.

  5. sharon gullikson says

    I’m wondering if they would be good for our trip in an airplane to Germany??

  6. These look great! I love over the ear headphones, and have been looking for some. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Christy Anderson says

    The only time I use headphones is while I’m running…I think I’d look pretty silly wearing this while running around my neighborhood.

  8. Kathy L. says

    My grandson in college would love these!

  9. Sacha Schroeder says

    These sound great! My son would love them!

  10. Those look comfortable – great for traveling.

  11. My kids play online games and they are used to wearing headphones. My son would love to have these

  12. Blessie Nelson says

    That;s a wonderful review! Its too bad you couldn’t test the wireless range of this headphone. I am looking to buy a good one which doesn’t cause static in wireless capacity

  13. Amy Tolley says

    im not into all this technology now a days my kids are all into it they have headphones for their iphones also…thanks for sharing

  14. I haven’t tried big headphones before (since grade school), I’m so used to ear buds

  15. I like the fact that these seem easy to use. I like uncomplicated things.

  16. mrsshukra says

    This is exactly what I need! Great to listen to audio books as well!

  17. I know my nephew would get a lot of use from new headphones

  18. Christine H. says

    I’m always using headphones and would love to try these

  19. sounds like they have great quality and i need new headphones. i like the bigger ones also because i cant put the small ones in my ears, they just never stay in.

  20. Headphones help with stress reduction in my house lol

  21. Gina Ferrell says

    These look great for when I am listening to music on my laptop while doing sweepstakes. I need these quality new headphones!!!!

  22. These are huge now

  23. I’ll bet they are comfy!

  24. They look very comfortable.

  25. kathy pease says

    these look great I really dont like the in ear headphones because when I take them out it feels like they are still in there..lol
    I love these they look comfy 🙂

  26. Serenity Rose says

    I am usually really fond of earbuds but I don’t think I would mind trying these! Even though they are big I think they would do really well for when I listen to music

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