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I have mentioned a number of times my fondness for online shopping.  It is pleasant to shop in the comfort of your own home-  in your pajamas and slippers no less:)  And while shopping online is desirable, there are occasions when this method just isn’t sufficient.  Sometimes as a consumer we have questions and “talking” to a computer screen just isn’t enough.   Personally, I am very visually orientated and therefore have an easier time gauging a product in person.

During this busy shopping season Brilliant Sky Toys & Books stores believe in offering the best products available with a gentle guiding hand.  If the thought of walking into a toy store leaves you lost and overwhelmed, never fear, as Brilliant Sky Toys & Books stores objective is to foster your sense of wonder and play.  Aren’t we all just overgrown children?:)  I know that when I walk into our locally owned toys store I am immediately overwhelmed with a sense of amazement and excitement.  No wonder my children are almost besides themselves!

At Brilliant Sky Toys & Books stores and similar establishments they stock products that are not available at standard retail stores.  For instance we recently received this LCD Boogie Board.  I had never heard of it.  This is the sort of new, creative, and enrichment based toys that are available for purchase from these select stores.  This simple writing tool has added a degree of fun to our daily spelling word practice time.

When I actually shop in stores I want a magical experience, don’t you?  Smiling faces, helpful sales clerks, and enchanting ideas is the main aspect that sets these stores apart from others.  Check to see if you have a Brilliant Sky Toys & Books store nearby.

Store creator Brent Taylor, a former Fortune 500 manager, states “we believe that the right playthings can teach, inform, enlighten, reinforce, incent, and enrich,” he explains. “We believe in how they can foster self-esteem, non-violence, patience, sensitivity, diversity, and tenacity. We live it and breathe it and experience it every day, and we love nothing more than to share it with others.”  This the sort of play I want for my children and I appreciate the time and effort Brilliant Sky Toys & Boys takes to make my children’s experience magical.

Each year Brilliant Sky Toys & Books creates a list of the most distinct toys, ideal for preschoolers to tweens.  Check out this year’s top toys with an explanation from the owner.

If you are interested in learning more about Brilliant Sky Toys & Books stores and the toys mentioned above connect online and via Facebook.



I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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