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Gooseberry Falls

As a mom of three little fellas I understand the importance of owning your future. An entire life looms before my guys with endless possibilities. Like most parents I can’t fulfill all the wants of my children, nor would I want to. But I can help them map out their dreams into actionable items. And I can instill in them a strong foundation so that they can own their own futures. 

Own Your Future Challenge

COUNTRY Financial is inspiring people this summer to take charge of their future with the Own Your Future Challenge. From now until July 24th submit a short {less than a minute} video answering two questions-

1) If you won $5,000, how would you use it to own your family’s future?

2) If you won $5,000 for a local school, how would you want them to spend it?

With $5,000 I could take another step towards furthering my guys’ future college education, but instead my preferred dream would be to install in them a sense of history and value in where they come from. As a former history teacher I guess it isn’t too surprising that I would want my children to have a respect and understanding of their past. For me this past is tied to Norway. When my oldest son was less than two years old we made the trek to the land of the Vikings, but now that I have three fellas and they are a bit older I want them all to have an appreciation for the land their ancestors. Generations of my family lived on this beautiful country. It would be so powerful for my middle son to see and not just hear the story of his namesake. 

Norway Visit

{my oldest son as a baby pointing out the sites in Norway} 

And with $5,000 to spend on our local school I would love to see those funds used towards reading and books. The elementary school near our home does a great job of encouraging children to read and enjoy books, but schools never have enough funds, right? I don’t know the specifics regarding exactly where the money would be most effective with regards to reading and books, but I trust the principal and teachers to use the funds appropriately.  

Country Financial

What does the future hold for you and your family? Share your story with COUNTRY Financial for a chance to win from July 11th – July 24th. Please note you must live in one of the following states in order to qualify for this contest: AL, AK, AZ, CO, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, MN, MO, ND, NV, OK, OR, TN, WA, or WI. 





  1. This is such a good promotion. I love that generations have lived on your land and I think your aspirations if you had the money are great. Schools so need the funds these lean years.

  2. This is such a fabulous promotion. I totally agree that we all need to own our future and what better way to start than with this

  3. This is a great contest. Bummers not in my state.

  4. Sounds like a fantastic promotion for the sponsors and entrants alike. I agree that we certainly need to educate our kids on their own history.

  5. michelle mink says

    I don’t have a family of my own at this time so for me the money would go to building my business. This sounds like a great contest!

  6. Awesome promotion! Really helpful. And btw, your kids are so cute!!

  7. Karlyn Cruz says

    You’ve got handsome boys there! This challenge is so nice, I would like to enter mine soon!

  8. Your kids are so cute!! Also this is a really great contest, I wish I could enter

  9. Amer Phils says

    What a great contest! $5,000 goes along way especially nowadays. Good luck to everyone!

  10. Courtney Gillard says

    Nice challenge! I would like to share mine and join this giveaway. BTW, your kids are so adorable.

  11. It would definitely be directed toward education for me. I have no doubt about that! I love this giveaway aimed at the future!

  12. If I was to win $5,000 for our family, I would out it towards our forever home dream. My girl’s school would love getting the same amount of money to buy equipment and books.

  13. What a great contest, love the photo the little boy looking out to the sea.

  14. Elizabeth O. says

    It’s a good opportunity to be able to add more to your savings or for your child’s future. I hope a lot of people join and I wish them all good luck. Giveaways like this are always awesome.

  15. That is a pretty special prize and how amazing to hear about your Norwegian heritage, its good to be proud of your origins.

  16. So exciting! This sounds like such a great opportunity for a family to do something amazing for their local school and for their family, too. Thank you for sharing!

  17. If I won $5,000 I would use it to get out of debt (don’t have much!) and apply the rest to savings.

  18. Good idea for local schools. Our local Authority did something similar and was a resounding success.

  19. That would be a magnificent thing for someone’s local school system. I could just imagine what $10,000 could do to help a local school system. It would probably put them way ahead of the curve!

  20. Eileen Kelly says

    This is a wonderful giveaway. What a great way to have some extra money for the family

  21. I love that you would choose travel over the more “practical” college savings. Such valuable lessons to be learned from it, especially when you know where your ancestors came from. And I’m right there with you on books for schools…great post and great opportunity for those who live in the applicable states!

  22. This is a great promotion and I would choose traveling as well. There’s nothing better than learning by traveling and experiencing different cultures.

  23. Sounds like a wonderful contest & it is going to be a great thing to win it as you can save something for your kid’s school expenses. Such a good idea for local schools & I would love one such ideas at my place!

  24. This is a wholesome promotion! Too bad I’m not in one of the required states, but this is a lovely chance to help prepare your child’s future and a local school.

  25. Sarah Bailey says

    This sounds like such an awesome contest. This would be a great help to start a college fund.

  26. reena santos says

    Travel with family is great bonding. Place looks good so relaxing. Perfect for summer . Kids deserve to have a break after long time for school/

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