Expressionables Personazlied Gift Wrap Review


Create your own personalized invitations, thank you cards, photo keepsakes, posters, personalized wrapping paper, announcements, photo gifts, and more. delivers personalized products to help celebrate and remember life’s most precious occasions.

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Need a way to make a gift extra special?  How about personalized gift wrap?  This is such a sweet idea, I love it!  Check out the following birthday gift wrap selections.  (This is just a small sample of what is available!)

You can create personalized gift wrap for a variety of occasions (Mother’s Day, Easter, birthdays, Christmas, etc..) and even select a particular paper based on a theme (such as baby, pets & animals, floral…)

I personally had the chance to try personalized Christmas wrap.  I love it!  Obviously I won’t be using this on all my Christmas presents, but for a few select, “special” gifts I will use this very original paper.   I think this would be a nice “extra” for family that live far away, especially around the holidays.  It is sure to send a smile to their face when they see grandkids or a whole family on the paper.  They probably won’t even want to open the actual gift!

I actually DO have some Christmas presents that I have already purchased, but I couldn’t bring myself to wrap them yet.  Knowing me, I would wrap them and then forget what they were, forcing me to unwrap them to figure it out.  So here is a picture of our wrapping paper.  It comes in a roll so it was not too easy to take a picture of, but you get the idea.

I have a few months to figure out which very important people will receive this lovely gift wrap!  Hmmm….perhaps I will need to order some more!

Besides personalized gift wrap, Expressionables sells a variety of other stationary items.  Invitations, announcements, thank you cards, party banners, wall clings, candy wrappers, ….  visit Expressionables to view the complete product line.

I also received a wall cling to review and I was impressed with the quality of the picture.  When creating a wall cling it is obviously important to use a high resolution image to receive the best quality from your product.  But even with a high resolution image it doesn’t necessarily mean the finished product will be of high quality.  My wall cling can (just as it suggests) cling to the wall alone or I have been thinking about having it framed.  The cling has a scrapbook like quality that adds an extra degree of style to your home decor.

I picked out this lovely blue and white design.  I’m going to add it to my newly furnished bedroom.

Check out Expressionables for a variety of personalized stationary products!


I received the above mentioned products for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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