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I have mentioned before that when my eldest son, now seven, was younger we had a lot of drama surround his socks.   I dreaded putting them on everyday, because annoyance and difficulties were sure to ensue.  He is better at controlling his emotions these days, but he is still particular about his socks, though perhaps not quite so sensitive.  When he tries out a sock I never know if it will make the cut or not.   Luckily his younger brothers are not as particular about their sock, and I feel this is only fair considering the drama I have already dealt with:)

We recently discovered EZ SOX– fun, clever character socks that have a seamless toe and handy loops for easy wearability.   Oh, how I wish we would have had these handy, dandy socks when my eldest was younger.   Isn’t that just the way life works!  Check out these fun socks!

With a variety of fun characters I knew my four year old and two year old were going to love these instantly.  While seamless toes and reinforced loops are handy for them, I am impressed that they also include  non-skid bottoms.  This might be unimportant to some parents, but I find great value in this feature.  My boys tend to “run around” the house and with a ceramic tile kitchen and hallway it can be very slippery without grips.  I should know, I have almost landed on my face several times because my socks were slippery.

With a variety of animals, you are sure to find one to suit your little one. Check out the full selection here.

I really only had one option.  The T-Rex/Elephant pack.  If you’ve read some of my other posts you’ll know my four year old is currently obsessed with dinosaurs.  I have never discussed dinosaurs so much in my entire life!  Most of my day is spent chatting about the finer points of meat eating dinosaurs.

Another aspect of these socks that was great, was that they fit both of my sons.  They have a generous size range 4-6 or 7-12.  My two year old wears a size 7, while my four year old wears a size 10.  Each pack contains two pairs of socks, so each boy received a new pair.  Warning- upon opening the package two of the socks slipped out without me even noticing.  I searched everywhere trying to find the missing socks.  Then I started to wonder if the socks were supposed to be two different animals, one for each foot.  That didn’t make a lot of sense, but I could not find the socks. Finally, I found then resting on a chair that they must of fell on as I opened the package.  Yes, I was tired and yes, I was doing too much that day.  But that’s pretty much every day!

My youngest son, age two, likes his elephants.  I haven’t had him try to put them on, as I still dress him.  I imagine he wouldn’t be able to do this yet, but with those handy loops he will be soon.  For the record, I think those loops are genius.  Why hasn’t anybody thought of those before!?

My four year old loves them.  Obviously.  They are his favorite socks and he can easily put them on himself.  I would love to see more dinosaurs offered and additional characters.

Non-skid bottoms work great!

Here he is posing as a T-Rex, apparently they cross their eyes?

These socks would make a great addition to an Easter basket this coming holiday.  And I find the price of $10 for two pairs to be fair.  Sure, standard socks are cheaper, but they probably don’t have fun characters, a seamless toe, loops, and a non-skid bottom.  I also find the thickness of the socks to be just right.  My eldest does not like a thick sock, the thickness of these socks lend themselves to wearing shoes with ease.

Check out this quick video to see how they work.

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