Fashionable Yet Snow Ready- Lugz Brigade Fold Men’s Boot Review


Apparently Lugz boots have been popular in the hip-hop world for some time.  I must admit, I had no idea.  A farm girl from North Dakota does not know a lot about hip hop.  From looking at the pictures, all I knew was that they looked like stylish, useful boots.  I find them to be useful because I live in Minnesota.  Sure, a large portion of the world can spend the entire year comfortable in flip flops, but around here you better have a set of heavy duty boots for the winter snow and ice.  Speaking of, we are actually currently in the midst of a nice little snowstorm as I write this!

The one feature in particular that made me interested in these boots is the soft fleece lining.  The snow gets deep here, really deep.  The added comfort and height of this portion of the boot is almost a necessity here.  For those that live in milder climates this top portion can be folded down- hence the “fold” portion of the name of the boot.  How you were it is entirely optional.

Another essential part of these Lugz are the large treads located on the bottom of the boot.  Wearing shoes without proper gripping treads this time of year can land you on your behind quite easily.  Believe me, I know from unfortunate personal experience:(

The real test was showing them to my husband.  He was initially intrigued by the idea of owning a pair of Lugz.  How would they fit?  How would they feel?  Would he like the look?

I can attest that the boots are sized appropriately.  My husband normally wears a 10 1/2 and that is the size I ordered for him.  They fit perfectly.  Whew!  I have purchased shoes online before only to not have them fit once I receive them.  I was pleased that they run true to size.

And the boots feel great, well at least that is what my husband tells me:)  But I must admit they do look quite cozy with their soft upper lining.

And the look?  He loves them!  And of course so do I.  They look stylish and fashionable, but they also look like they are ready for some snow and dirt.

Here is my husband, in the midst of our snowstorm!

My husband looks forward to wearing these boots this winter and for many more winters to come!

Check out all three different colors of the Brigade Fold online along with many more shoes available from Lugz.


Also be sure to Like Lugz on Facebook as they are giving away a pair of shoes on the first day of each month.  Connect with Lugz via Twitter for additional information.


I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. Good grief, I’m a good looking man….

    And the boots look good, too! 🙂

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