Father’s Day Gift Idea! SwipeTie


The concept behind this tie is really intriguing: a tie that serves a function beyond its obvious self-decoration.  Behind the usual silk tie, hidden in the otherwise unused triangular space at the tip of the tie’s back, is a special fabric that can be used to clean screens and monitors.

When I told my “tech-geek” software engineer husband (who recently started a job requiring tie wear) about the tie, he was excited.  Enthusiasm in a guy who really does not care to wear ties is a strong upside for this line of ties.  He quickly moved to try it out on his tablet screen, even before I requested that he test it, indicating to me that the idea of this tie has some irresistible qualities.  He reported that it works very effectively.

The packaging the tie arrived in is a sleek, brown cardboard, eco-conscious look, and makes a nice impression (perfect for gift giving).  The tie itself is a little narrow for my taste, but I realize that some skinnier ties are now in fashion, particularly for younger men.  The quality of the silk fabric of the tie appears a notch below the ties my husband currently owns from retailers like Men’s Wearhouse and Macy’s, however they do not have the added technology cleaning aspect.

My husband unfortunately spilled coffee on the tie its first day out, so next we will see about its cleanability!

Check out the full line of SwipeTies available and also SwipeTees from Swipe Apparel.  Either option would make a great Father’s Day gift this season for any tech loving guy!

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This review was written by Lisa for The Mama Report.



I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions expressed are my own.

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