Fekkai Hair Products Review


Want effortlessly gorgeous hair in between those visits to your stylist?  Not a problem.  Fekkai hair care products pamper your every day with luxurious formulas developed to address the needs of different hair types and help maintain the healthy look of your hair.  What makes the products perform so well?  Fekkai’s use of high-quality ingredients and its focus on craftsmanship.  These attributes are deeply rootes in Federic Fekkai’s dedication to finding and enhancing the natural beauty in every woman.

Fekkai is so effective and luxurious that it is sold in approximately 40 countries and used behind the scenes at fashion runway shows and red-carpet events- with A-list celebrities wearing Fekkai hair year after year.  And though you might not expect it, a line of Fekkai products are available to everyone at convenient retails stores, drugstores and grocery stores across the country.  Who knew beautiful hair was so accessible?

My thoughts

I have been using Fekkai Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner for a couple of weeks.  Upon initial inspection of the products I found the smell to be pleasant.  The scent of a beauty product can essentially “make it or break it”.  Either you like it or you don’t.  And why wouldn’t you want to put something in your hair that doesn’t smell good?  The odor of the shampoo and conditioner can best be described as Earthy.

Upon reading the label I was immediately caught by the words Sodium Laureth Sulfate (this provides suds and can be an irritant), Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate (this does not cause irritation), and Lauramidopropyl Betaine (this is a synthetic derived from coconut oil).  This isn’t my ideal ingredient list.  When I can, I prefer products that are all  natural.  However if I experienced stellar results I could easily overlook the ingredient list.  It is the price I’m willing to pay for beauty:)

So what DO I think about the products?  They are good.  Are they extraordinary?  No.  I like the feeling of my hair after using the products, but I have not seen any real changes in my hair.  I’m afraid only a flat iron is responsible for rocking my hair’s existence.

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I received these products for review purposes through BzzAgent all opinions are my own.

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