Fight Stains & Save Time Using Shout® Trigger


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As the mother to three sons, I have had to tackle my fair share of stains.  Chocolate, grass, pasta sauce… name it, I have dealt with it all.  It seems as thought no sooner than we have started our day and at least one of my boys already has something on his shirt. 

My "go-to" stain fighter is Shout® Trigger.   I keep a bottle always on hand for easy stain removal.  It's so easy!  With its convinient spray bottle I can easily spray an article of clothing, rub together, and let it sit for a while to ensure a proper removal of the stain.  I have tried a variety of other stain removers.  I find many, especially the kind you rub on, to be messy.  Sure, they might get your clothes clean, but it will make a mess in the process.  Shout® Trigger sprays on- creating no additional mess. 

As a busy mom, I don't have time to spend on high maintence laundry cleaners.  I need something that works fast, without any hassle.  I can hardly imagine the amount of cleaning and scrubbing my great-grandmothers had to deal with to get their clothes clean. Modern conveniences and technology, definately rule! 

Plus keeping a bottle of Shout® Trigger on hand is so easy since I can merely purchase a bottle at my local Walmart store.  Somethings in life can be complicated and time consuming.  Luckily Shout® Trigger makes keeping my clothes clean and stain-free easy!

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  1. Joyce Raymond says

    I too can’t go without my spray Shout! I’ve seen it work it’s magic on dried in stains and stained clothes that I missed and washed previously.

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