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The cold and flu season is in full swing now that we are the midst of winter.  It seems as though this year the flu is particularly prevalent.   Everyone can preemptively get a flu shot in the hopes of protecting themselves.  But of course, as everyone should well know it doesn’t mean you are incapable of getting sick.  It is important to be a diligent  hand-washer and to sanitize commonly used items as much as possible.  One of the best ways to keep hands clean is by using Purell hand sanitizer.

Did you know Purell is available in a variety of formats to best suit your life?  Take for instance this cute little Purell Pal.

2013-01-20 09.16.12

This stand is the perfect way to keep hand sanitizer near your computer and telephone, and therefore hopefully in a position for frequent use.  Plus it’s just darn cute!

purell office

Or if you need something a little more heavy duty, there is always the Purell ADX-7 Dispenser.  This container is great for particularly high traffic areas where people really ought to sanitize their hands.   A little squirt can potentially help keep healthy and happy this season.  After battling a cold last week, I’m hopeful with continued pro action I can remain free of sickness the rest of the winter.  This dispenser can be handy for years to come as the container is simply replaced with new Hand Sanitizer Foam.

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Of course, one of the best ways to keep your hands germ free is to just keep Purell around at all times.  I love this little portable size in a unique jelly wrap that can attach to almost anything.

2013-01-20 09.16.22

I’m keeping my attached to my purse to use on little hands when we are out and about.  Most of the time it seems I can’t remember to use hand sanitizer, but hopefully with this bright pink case I can be reminded:)

2013-01-20 09.18.43

I wish you all well this flu and cold season.  May you sufficiently wash your hands or use Purell on a regular basis to keep all those germs at bay.  We all have important things to do, who has time for sickness?!

The above mentioned products are available for purchase via Shoplet.com– a complete office supply site.



I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.





  1. Maria Mollis says

    Looking for Purell “Pal” Purell holder. How many can I buy from you today?

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