FOOD: Vegetarian Home Cooking by Mary McCartney Book Review


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Food: Vegetarian Home Cooking is mostly dedicated to vegetarian home cooking, but don’t let that description derail you from this lovely cookbook.  My family is definitely not vegetarians.  Meat is an essential aspect of most of our meals.  But having a vegetarian based cookbook, especially one that is well written, is essential for any home.

For me the most important aspect of a cookbook is the pictures.  If it doesn’t have compelling, eye-catching photos I’m not usually included to use the cookbook or make any recipes.  I’m a highly visual person, but I imagine I am not alone in this preference.

There were so many wonderful looking recipes to choose from, I almost didn’t know where to start. Recipes like Cauliflower Cheese, Tomato and Red Wine Sauce, Super Quinoa Salad, and Leek and Pea Risotto were very tempting.  But with three little fellas in my house, I decided to test the sweet side of the book and make Orange and Lemon Cupcakes.

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With an orange zest/juice based cake with a lemon zest/juice icing, this cupcake is tart and sweet.  My youngest son, who is the official baker of the house, was all too willing to help taste-test these citrus based treats.  Don’t ask me what happened to his shirt.  With little boys- clothes are always optional:)

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These fresh tasting sweets would make a great addition to a spring and/or summer meal.

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As you can see the icing is finger licking good.

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Here is the official description of FOOD.

With Food, photographer Mary McCartney brings us easy, family-friendly meat-free dishes that will appeal to everyone—including carnivores. And they’re all presented in gorgeous pictures taken by Mary herself, along with personal stories and photos old and new.


Inspired by her mother’s recipes, McCartney has whipped up creative, comforting, uncomplicated, and delicious meals that will encourage home cooks to think vegetarian. They range from savory Asparagus Summer Tart and a no-meat Shepherd’s Pie to family favorites, including Lemon Drizzle Cake and Arty’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. This is good, wholesome fare, cooked well and with ease, meant for family and friends to share. And Mary’s unique bold and beautifully illuminated images are as irresistible as her food.

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I can’t wait to try more recipes in the book, especially as summer arrives and fresh vegetables will be abundant.

To put it simply, this cookbook is beautiful, inspiring, and based upon the cupcake recipe- delicious.

Food: Vegetarian Home Cooking is currently available for purchase from Sterling Publishing.

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