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I received compensation from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for writing this post.


I’ve struggled to understand math from an early age. I’m no Einstein, but most school subjects came quite easily to me- except math. I remember my father painfully trying to explain fractions to me in the third grade. I just couldn’t understand. I recall the feeling of my father’s bewilderment and exasperation that I couldn’t understand this obviously very useful and important concept. Since then I’m pleased to report that I finally conquered fractions as an adult when I started researching my genealogy. Abstract numbers suddenly held meaning for me. Perhaps that’s always been my problem with math, the numbers have always been free floating without any personal value. Well at least, that’s my theory.

While my frustration and distaste for math has been strong throughout most of my life, having children has forced me to temper these feelings. My dislike need not be their own. I hope math comes easy for them. I truly hope they have a firm understanding early in life, because clearly I can’t help them. I’m jesting….sort of. In an attempt to encourage my older fellas to enjoy math I recently joined Go Math! Academy™. This program is focused on helping children learn math at their skill level in a fun way. Based on the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt successful GO Math!™ textbook this online program is the modern way to engage children in math learning.


Full of encouragement and fun challenges this program is geared to guide children through math problems in a no pressure environment. There are help related features that assist children if they have problems understanding a skill.  

For instance in the image below one pink arrow points to a help feature that gently guides users to the correct answer and the other pink arrow points to a tool that actually reads the problem to the user.  This feature is especially great for my 1st grader who is still learning to read.  The addition of both visual and auditory learning helps different kinds of learners find their way. 


 There are even video lessons which actually teach children various skills.  Those lessons created for younger students incorporate puppets to provide an extra degree of entertainment.  


Go Math! Academy™  is by no means a replacement for a math teacher, but for those children that require extra practice or simply enjoy learning new math skills it’s a great fit.  Math tutors can be expensive, but most of us can afford $9.99 a month. And unlike many other programs available for children, Go Math! Academy™  provides the correct mix of true skill training mixed with fun. 


When my 4th grader asked me for help on a problem I was pleased to say, “click the help button”. Let’s be realistic, I could try to explain it to him, but maybe it’s just better that I don’t.  Luckily my first grader found the first grade program to be “so easy”.  Hallelujah! Perhaps I have a budding math expert in the house! 

In an attempt to test the program myself I checked out the 1st and 4th grade skills.  I’m pleased to report I easily conquered the 1st grade core area.  I’m less pleased to report that the 4th grade program provided more of a challenge to me.  Luckily, I’m never going to be a mechanical engineer or anything that involves more math than I can handle. But my kids? Their path lies before them. As they dream of becoming a police officer or paleontologist I know I’m helping them on their journey. Hopefully they will continue to be empowered to take control of their learning to achieve their hearts desire. 

Go Math! Academy is available in your choice of three payment plans (access for up to 5 children):

  • Monthly: $9.99/month
  • 6-months: $49.99 ($8.33/month) – a 17% savings
  • 1-year: $79.99 ($6.67/month) – a 33% savings

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  1. Math was a subject that i struggled with in school. Sadly my daughter seems to be following in my footsteps. This looks like something great to look into for her!

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