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Fotobounce is a downloadable digital photo management software application that allows users to manage, store and share full resolution digital photographs securely between a private network of friends and family, referred to as “Bouncers”. This private network protects users from the increasing privacy concerns and uncertainty that comes with relying on internet storage services or social networking sites as this is software local to your computer.

One of Fotobounce’s key features is its face recognition technology that automatically detects faces when photos are found or imported. As faces are detected by Fotobounce and tagged by the user, this “trains” Fotobounce to learn who people are and helps automate the tagging process. Note that all of the face recognition data remains local to your computer, unlike the features offered by major social networking sites where they store and use your face data on their public servers.

A new improved version, 3.5, has recently been released with improved face detection accuracy and speed.  It also has user interface improvements for easier tagging of faces and now supports Twitter and Eye-Fi camera cards. We have also released a new product called Fotobounce Viewer, now available for browsing Fotobounce libraries remotely and securely from Android, Windows, Mac and Linux systems.


Fotobounce is made for someone like me.  I have spend a lot of time downloading pictures to online photo galleries so that I can share them with loved ones.  Before Nana moved in with us, we didn’t have ANY family close by.  The only way to share our life with those we love was by having them view our photos.  And boy do I have pictures!  Every little first for each of my boys has been well documented.

What makes Fotobounce unique and potentially better than online sharing sites?

1.  Fotobounce is NOT an online sharing site.  Fotobounce is a dowloadable software program that is on YOUR computer.  Your pictures are not sent into online “outerspace”.

2.  Your pictures are only visible to those you invite.  Unlike Facebook and other social media sites,  Fotobounce does not allow your images to be seen by others unless you invite them to.  Inviting friends and family to be “bouncers” (viewers)  gives them access to your photos.  Which brings me to point #3.

3. Friends and family can download the full sized picture.  I have had family upload pictures to an online sharing site only for me to discover that I can not save the picture for my own purposes.  These online sites want you as a user to shop and print pictures from them, therefore it is not possible to download the picture in full size.  Annoying!  Just because I view the picture through a particular site does NOT mean I want to order a picture from them.  With Fotobounce there are no printing options available.  It is not a photo printing service, but rather only a photo software program.   If you want a full sized picture from your Aunt Bertha’s folder you can simply save it.

4. You can share folders and add to folders through mobile devices.  In this day and age almost everyone is taking pictures with their phone or at least viewing pictures on their phone.  Fotobounce is mobile device friendly.

5. If you DO want to share pictures on Twitter, Facebook, or Flicker and not just privately, it is as easy as a click of a button.  Fotobounce is fully able to work with these social media outlets allowing easy sharing via those platforms.

6.  Fotobounce has face recognition technology.  I’m excited and a little creeped out by this.  How in the heck does a computer program know which pictures include my four year old son and group them all together?  This is a little futuristic for me.  I didn’t realize technology was this advanced already!  But indeed after I included a particular folder and identified one picture as my four year old son the program immediately looked for approval of many more as him, that indeed were him.  Crazy, but so handy!  No more painfully tagging each photo as a particular person instead this can be done for you.  Amazing!

7. Fotobounce is FREE.  Yes, you read that correctly.  It is free.  What’s the catch?  There is advertising at the top of the screen.  Click on the ads or don’t.  It’s still free.  Awesome!

Fotobounce by clicking here

Fotobounce is a one stop place for private or social media sharing, and provides multiple ways to organize and display my pictures.  Who needs online photo sharing websites, when Fotobounce is the new and effective way to manage, organize, and share my pictures.


This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.



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