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French Toast Official School Wear™ is America’s leading brand of school uniform. Since 1958, our company has provided families with quality children’s wear and boys and girls school uniforms at great prices. Our selection of uniform styles and sizes is second to none, from toddler size uniforms through young adult, French Toast carries over 6,000 individual colors, styles and sizes in stock, all year round! French Toast uniforms can be found at retailers across the nation, or on-line at  You can also request a catalog and place your order by phone by calling us 1-800-FRENCHTOAST.

My son isn’t required to wear uniforms at his school, but I still want him to look great.  I realize this isn’t as important to others, as it is to me, but impressions are serious business.  If you dress like a slob, people will assume you are a slob.  Okay your mother might know the real you, but those people that don’t really know you will assume things.  Does that sounds bad?  Perhaps, but it is reality.  People judge.  It’s a part of life.  I would prefer to dress my children in a way that garners positive reactions.  Dressing them well gives others the impression that they are serious about their studies.  My children’s education is extremely important  I am a former teacher after all!

I received a number of pieces for review purposes.  Check out my soon-to-be 1st grader!

Let’s take a look at each item.

Long Sleeve Pique Polo

The fashionable and heavy weight pique polo with 3 button placket (left over right) allows your child to look good and feel great. Drop tail hem. Unisex. Imported. Machine wash. Cotton Polyester Blend.

color- green

This shirt is classic and comfortable.  It is a perfect medium to keep mom and child happy.  It looks great and is comfy to wear.  My son is not a fan of sweaters, so he is very happy to wear a standard simple shirt like this.  Another plus about this particular shirt is that there are a wide variety of colors available to choose from.

Short Sleeve Pique Polo

The fashionable and heavy weight pique polo with 3 button placket (left over right) allows your child to look good and feel great. Drop tail hem. Unisex. Imported. Machine wash. Cotton Polyester Blend.

color- burgundy

This is another shirt much like its long sleeve alternative that my son enjoys wearing.  Simple, classic, and comfortable it is an easy favorite.

Jersey Knit V-Neck Cardigan

The flat v-neck cardigan looks good with just about everything and will keep you toasty all day long. Center front placket (left over right) with button closures and two front pockets. Imported. Machine wash. 100% Acrylic.

As I mentioned before my son is not a fan of sweaters.  It is merely a texture issue.  Some sweaters can be a little on the “itchy” side.  But with a cardigan like this he can be warm and comfy since he actually wears another shirt underneath.  Perfect!

Boys Adjustable Waist Pant

Our classic flat front double knee pant has a new feature– a hidden adjustable waistband. Hook-and eye closure. Cotton/Polyester blend.

color- khaki

These pants fit my son perfectly and they look awesome.  I probably won’t have him wear these khaki pants for “normal” school wear, but instead save them for special occasions such as his music concerts.  My son is wearing a size 7 and it fits him perfectly.  He is taller than the average 7 year old, so the size might vary from kid to kid.

French Toast School uniforms carries Boys school uniforms and Girls school uniforms in a wide variety of colors, styles,  and sizes.

If you are in need of Kids school uniforms check out French Toast uniforms on Facebook and Twitter.

I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.



  1. Candace Marshall says

    Horrible with shipping orders!! I would not recommend this company for any school. They take extremely long to process and ship uniforms. I ordered uniforms a month ago and my children have been in school for 2 weeks and still no uniforms. I will definitely discourage our children’s private school against using them in the future. Customer service is no help at all with finding out when you will ever receive your order when called.

    • SingleMomBoss says

      Hi! I agree, but I go the better route: Costco! They have French Toast brand clothing. It’s priced better AND ships in two days (even with the pandemic). I just found out and am so happy!

      Tommy Hilfiger has very similar attire, but they’re also at a higher cost and a slightly slower shipping rate.

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