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Plato, a philosopher in Classical Greece, said “Attention to health is life’s greatest hindrance.” His statement is as true now as it was when he first spoke these words sporting a toga. We are all caught up in the activity of our busy lives. This is especially true for parents who live first for their children.

fitbit force activity  tracker

I am constantly reminded how important exercise is. I agree with the health experts, but am always disappointed that they don’t followup their statement with a “…and here’s how you make the time for it.” I’m fully booked on any given day.  Most of the time, my work requires me to be sitting down. I generally keep track of what I eat and attempt to exercise, but I don’t have much in the way of feedback to let me know how well I am doing or where I am slipping.
Fitbit Force hopes to change that.
sleep tracker
Fitbit Force is worn like a watch, but does so much more than tell the time. It keeps track of the number of steps you take (by way of counting the swings of your arm), the number of stairs you have climbed, and the total number of minutes you are active (versus sitting in front of your computer) during the day. These three measurements are recorded in real-time and available for review by simply touching a small button on the side of the Fitbit Force.
But wait, it gets better.
In addition to keeping track of the time you are active, it also keeps track of the time you are not supposed to be. Specifically, how long you are sleeping. A good night’s sleep does wonders for a person’s body and mental state.
All of this information is kept on the Fitbit and can be synced with your Fitbit account profile via a Bluetooth wireless connection or your computer. When the data collected on your Fitbit is uploaded, you can review your day, set goals, and share your information with friends and family. With a subscription, you can compare your results against others and find motivation from the masses.
activity tracker 
The Fitbit is sleak, fashionable, and hip.  The wrist band is held in place by two plastic tabs that are inserted into two matching slots.  You will want to take it off during showers, but the device is water resistant enough to withstand perspiration from a vigorous workout. I have also found that the Fitbit will fall off my wrist from time to time, especially when I am taking off my coat. This is because the wrist band is being caught by my coat sleeve and is being pulled off my wrist as a result.
This device is a fun way to keep track of my activity and identify trends. How important that is to an individual is going to be highly subjective.  Fitbit is a tool that can help you build your own personal exercise program, but it will not direct you on how to go about it.
activity stats on the go
Plato was right, you know. Attention to my health and overall state of well-being is a great hindrance in my daily life. With the Fitbit, I can track my activity level on any given day.  Useful information and a possible helpful tool to help me hurdle the obstacles in my busy life to get that much closer to looking good for the beach.
One lucky Mama Report reader will win a Fitbit Force! 
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  1. I like that its worn on the wrist, unlike my current fitbit which I find awkward to juggle between my pocket, waistband or bra if I’m wearing a dress

  2. I like that it also tracks sleep! We forget how important that can be!!

  3. Stephanie F. says

    I like that the Fitbit Force is stylish and not a hindrance to wear.

  4. michelle oakley warner says

    i like that it is water resistant, so i can go int the rain or get splashed at sea world and i dont have to worry about it

  5. I would love to wear something that encourages me to walk more, and this is so slim and inconcipicous. Love that its water resistant so you can wear it all the time.

  6. I like that it’s worn on the writst

  7. i like that it is water resistant

  8. I like the feature that lets you know how well you are sleeping.

  9. it is very cool that it tracks your sleep

  10. I like that it tracks sleep.

  11. I really like how it records your activity all day, so I can know how much more I should exercise or if I can just relax at home with a good book! 🙂

  12. Stephanie Ann says

    I love the way the fitbit force looks and how it tracks your activities during the day!

  13. I think the steps per day function would be useful. I’d see if I could get a little more active each day.

  14. i love that it has a clock

  15. The motivation

  16. Kathy Davis says

    I love that it keeps track of the total number of minutes you are active.

  17. It’s stylish and motivating enough to be active 🙂

  18. wild orchid says

    I love that it also tracks sleep!

    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  19. Colleen Maurina says

    I like that the Fitbit keeps track of both active time and sleep time. I think wearing this would encourage me to be more active!


    The sleep tracking and of course knowing I am burning more calories than not is quite a great tool in losing weight!


    I like your photos. That editing feature is really nice!

  22. i love that it tracks stairs and sleep

  23. Sherri Lewis says

    I like that it can be worn on the wrist. I have a fitbit one and I hate having to clip it on each day and then remember to unclip at the end of the day…. I am still waiting to accidentally wash it…..

  24. Dawn Forbes says

    I really like the fact that it also measures your sleep time. This is one area that I am curious about.

  25. Sacha Schroeder says

    I love that its easier to wear than the one I clip on to my pants.

  26. rayraycartucci says

    The sleep tracking is so cool. I really would love to have one of these.

  27. I like tracking sleep.

  28. Colleen Boudreau says

    i like that it is water resistant.

  29. I like that it keep track of your sleep. This would be a great monitor for me!!

  30. The tracking the sleep, I am a tosser and turner so it would be nice to track my sleep with this device.

  31. I like that it will track my active and sleep times!

  32. I’d like this to get motivated to incorporate more walking into my day.

  33. Andrea Williams says

    I like that it keeps track of all the different aspects so easily, just by wearing it on your wrist. You won’t even notice you have it on.

  34. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    I like that you wear it like a watch!

  35. I love that it’s a motivational way to track my exercise and keep a healthy lifestyle going. I have tried simply using websites to track food and exercise, but there’s not really a connection or motivation. I also have an app that tracks activity like running/ walking/ biking, but it isn’t really good for everyday movement (which can add up). Seeing how much I move during a day would be great.

  36. I like that it is easy to wear so I would actually use it!

  37. sleep tracking and connectivity to my fitness pal!!

  38. I like that it tracks sleep AND exercise. Perfect for me!

  39. I like that it is water resistant and tracks sleep patterns.

  40. i like that it looks more stylish than the others on the market.

  41. Starla Bates says

    It is so awesome that it tracks sleep, I need more of that! I also love how sleek and stylish it is!

  42. The sleep tracker!

  43. I love the silent alarm! It is what I think makes it stand out from the rest of the fit trackers!

  44. I like that it keeps track of your sleep

  45. I love the sleep tracker!

  46. concordian925 says

    i like that it is worn like a wrist watch instead of clipped on to something.

  47. Martha Olsen says

    I like that it has an app and tracks all sorts of daily actiivties and syncs to mfp!

  48. I like that it is so small and you can wear it on your wrist and it doesn’t look so clunky.

  49. The Fitbit is the #1 thing on my wish list! In addition to the activity tracking, I’m really interested in the sleep tracker.

  50. I love that it tracks your sleep!

  51. I am the worst sleeper, and I always wonder how much sleep I am actually getting, so the sleep tracker is a great feature. I also like that it keeps a record of everything on my computer. Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. I like that fit bit can track sleep!

  53. I like that you wear it on your wrist and can wear it in the shower. My current fitbit is one that clips on your pocket which can be unhandy at times.

  54. The steps per day!

  55. Sharon Rooney says

    I like that you can wear it on your wrist, my last one clipped to the waist or pocket and I lost it.

  56. I love the sleeping features of this. But anything to help motivate would be marvelous!

  57. Julie Davis says

    I like that you wear it on your wrist

  58. I like that it tracks sleep and can be worn on your wrist

  59. The Fitbit is a great reminder to get up and move when you otherwise may not think of it! I also love that you can track your goals and even compete with your friends!

  60. Denise Taylor says

    I love the modern and non fitness look of it so it will fit with every day wear!

  61. I like that it lets me know how active I am during the day so I can know whether or not I need to be moving more

  62. lightweight and not cumbersome

  63. i like that it is worn on the wrist and it is more stylish than most activity trackers ive seen.

  64. I love how light this is. I am training for a race and I don’t want to be weighed down by equipment.

  65. Patricia bugg says

    I love that it will keep track of my exercise and I can download it, review and set goals.

  66. I like that it syncs through smartphones. I loved my Fitbit Ultra, but it finally bit the dust.

  67. LOVE that it tracks sleep!

  68. I like that it looks good on your wrist

  69. I love that its water resistant.

  70. Ashley Fryer says

    I love that it goes around your wrist. I have the one that clips and have washed it with my clothes several times. It still works though!

  71. I like that it’s small and stylish. Nothing big and clunky. That way you can wear it on the down low…or show it’s stylishness off!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  72. Christy Anderson says

    I like that it will keep track of how many miles I walk in a day.

  73. Beth Dunlavy Hoppe says

    love it also keeps track of how long i sleep

  74. Like that it tracks your activity and your sleep.

  75. I like that it can tell you how much you are active vs. sitting during the day.

  76. Mary Kennedy says

    I would love it because it also tracks your sleep!

  77. Michelle Cobb says

    I love that it tracks my sleep…with a one year old that still doesn’t sleep well, this would come in handy to help me gauge how much I’m actually sleeping!

  78. I’d like to know how well I’m sleeping.
    Thanks for the contest.

  79. Tyler Johnson says

    These look pretty slick! I definitely want one!

  80. I love that it not only keeps track of your activity but also your sleep!

  81. I want to sync my exercise with my daily diet.

  82. The ability to track my sleep, and the ability to upload my stats interests me most.

  83. Teresa Thompson says

    I like- the total number of minutes you are active

  84. I like the fact that it keeps track of not only you being active, but also inactive and what you eat and stuff when you sync with the website. Plus it is also a watch, so you don´t have your “other” watch bulking your arm. This is a very cool, practical and useful gadget.

  85. I like how it tracks minutes active… I feel like that would wake me up to how much I am idle


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