Get a Jump Start on Back to School Shopping with White Cloud


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It seems almost impossible to believe, but it is time to start thinking about back to school shopping.  Last year I delayed my shopping until the last few weeks before school started.  I refused to get caught up in what I thought was pure hype.  Surely, I didn’t need to shop for my 2nd grader until a couple of weeks before school starterd.  While my idea was sound in theory, unfortunately what I didn’t take into account was the fact that stores would be sold out of items.  I had a heck of a time finding No. 2 pencils.  Yeah, it was really pathetic.
 photo 1162ef5e-4d2d-416a-a97c-75470d9d7477_zpsb860d0db.jpg
Having learned the hard way, this year I’m going to make sure I start my back to school shopping much earlier:) Plus this year I’m going to have two little guys to shop for my new kindergartner and my third grader. That’s a LOT of supplies.  I consider myself fairly thrifty, but all those little necessary items add up.  One item I’m sure to purchase is White Cloud Facial Tissue multipacks. One purchase can cover all the necessary tissues my little guys need to donate to the classroom for the year. Currently I can visit to print a coupon for extra savings and I can support the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals by purchasing a limited edition CMN boxes.

My advice is to start shopping now! Don’t be a procrastinator like me and end up shopping empty shelves.

Be sure to visit the White Cloud Store Locator to see if a store near you offers the multipy packs for easy shopping and also connect via the


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  1. Janet W. says

    I love the designs on the boxes! Very bright and cheerful!

  2. Nichole L says

    I agree, I’ve had friends tell me I was nuts for buying up back to school leftovers from last year when they went on clearance. It is so much better than sending your kid with the notebook with the character nobody wanted. I found that lunch boxes were all sold out the other day and I couldn’t believe it.

  3. Sandy VanHoey says

    Asof 2 weeks ago, I couldn’t find this at our Walmart store but need to continue to look.

  4. Lisa Brown says

    Fun packaging. I am not familiar with the brand, will look for it the next time I am out shopping.

  5. Cynthia C says

    It seems like back to school shopping starts earlier every year!

  6. It seems so hard to believe that school is going to be starting soon. I am loving the design on the box. Thank you for sharing and for this review.

  7. Diane Sallans says

    I’ll have to get some of those – love the box designs!

  8. I’m a firm believer in starting so far ahead that you never really stop, that way, knowing when to get quality tissues when they are a good price is something that keep your coupons and eyes open! Good to have extra to give to other kids, esp on the first day, if anyone starts sniffing, what better way to extend kindness than giving some tissues!

  9. Michelle S says

    I didn’t know White Cloud had tissues. I am headed grocery shopping in a couple minutes and going to check for it. Thanks for the post!

  10. Karen Glatt says

    White Cloud makes very good toilet paper and tissue paper for my family. Walmart has great prices on these products and I always have coupons for them.

  11. Amy Orvin says

    I like their products. So cool! I know I can’t believe it’s that time again.

  12. I didn’t know White Cloud had Facial Tissue

  13. Carrie Phelps says

    I love the idea of the chalk board!! Beautiful boxes they now have.

  14. I always carry a package of tissues in my purse and it’s horrible when I’m without them

  15. Jennifer Rogers says

    Our Wal-Mart unbelievably does not carry the White Cloud Facial tissue!

  16. Will have to give these a try!

  17. Kathy L. says

    I really like all of the different designs on the boxes. And of course i love the great price!

  18. I would like to try these

  19. White Cloud makes great and affordable products!

  20. Hard to believe the kid’s will be starting back to school again soon. Like the great box design’s for this year.

  21. sharon gullikson says

    I’ve never heard of it before. I like to save…thanks.

  22. Michelle Hudak says

    Love the fun patterns, pretty for bathroom or classroom. I am already shopping too for back-to-school so we don’t get shut-out once the new year starts.

  23. I would love to try these and see how they compare to our normal brand. Saving money is so important to us!

  24. Love the new designs! This year I’m not doing much back-to-school shopping, as I shopped all the clearance last fall. I’ve got 3 kids in school this year, so it is all about being creative when it comes to the back-to-school budget.

  25. I didn’t even know White cloud made tissues, we don’t have them in my area

  26. Sacha Schroeder says

    After reading some reviews about White Cloud (including yours) I am a convert! I will definiitely get their tissues for back to school!

  27. A coupon stacked with a good sale that’s a deal for me. Thanks for sharing the link to the coupon.

  28. mrsshukra says

    Lovely designs and I will look for this in the stores!

  29. Holly Kennedy says

    Back to school already and it seems like summer just started.Guess I’ll go ahead and start Christmas shopping.

  30. Sherrie C. says

    School shopping can be an frustrating experience if you start late. All the essential items for school on sale are usually gone. When my boys were in school, I always started their school shopping in mid to late July instead of waiting till August so I could beat the crowds and get the items they needed.

  31. Betsy Barnes says

    The designs on the boxes are cool, love them 🙂

  32. I love the designs!

  33. Lovely boxes–and it’s great that buying these will support the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals!

  34. Jessie Schumann says

    Those boxes are pretty, almost as pretty as my cloth napkins I use instead of Kleenex! 🙂

  35. I so dread shopping for school supplies – and this year I don’t have to! Our school contracted with a company that sells supply packs for each grade level and then delivers your child’s supplies directly to the school. I might have been able to do a little better on the price of some items, but it was so worth it to me not to have to worry about it!

  36. Christy Anderson says

    I did not know White Cloud made tissues…I only knew about toilet paper! I’ll have to remember these when I do back-to-school shopping!

  37. These are great looking boxes. I love that they are helping the CMN. What a great cause. You are right about starting BTS shopping early.

  38. samantha s says

    I stock up on tissues all year round. I’m gonna pick up a few boxes next time in stores.

  39. judy gardner says

    i cant believe school is already starting back in session! while i dont have kids of my own, i do plan to try the facial tissues for myself

  40. Anything that can help in getting kids ready to go back to school is always appreciated.

  41. Maria Iemma says

    I love the boxes design – they are really pretty and white cloud lives to its name, always soft.

  42. Yes, it is great to start early. I think one should start as early as when school lets out. I will also try out white cloud, I don’t know that I have ever gotten it before; seems like a brand you can trust.

  43. Susan Smith says

    Yes, it’s back to school next week and we will need to buy tissue paper for the classroom.

  44. when our boys were little, we tried to add extras for class room use. it seemed like there always was a student that needed something, and the teachers can’t afford to give them all supplies. Great idea, will look for the CMN boxes next time I shop.

  45. I have never heard of this before. I lke the colorful boxes.

  46. Melissa Shirley says

    Yes my son will start back to school next week and he needs all new clothes because he grew so much this summer! I have already purchased tissues and all that and I got the white cloud tissues.

  47. I have never tried white Cloud before, but I am thinking of buying a small package to compare to the brand I currently use. Thanks for the review.

  48. Christian Alejandro says

    NIce designs. These are definitely useful!!

  49. kathy pease says

    Thanks for reminding me I need to get my butt in gear.I dont believe how fast summer has gone by.
    I love white cloud products.they always have great coupons also 🙂

  50. Michelle S says

    such a great “first day of school” picture idea!

  51. Deborah Wallin says

    I started my back to school shopping today, and yes, White Cloud was on my list.

  52. My oldest just started school and it is amazing to capture that first day with a great picture

  53. I shop anytime school supplies are on sale. I always have a good supply on hand. And I love White Cloud products, great value for the money.

  54. sheila ressel says

    I currently use white cloud toilet paper but have never tried the facial tissue. I’ll have to print the coupon and grab some next time I go to walmart.

  55. Richard Hicks says

    We use White Cloud. SO glad to see the special edition designs for the miracle network. Very good cause

  56. Mya Murphy says

    love love love the designs!!! Hopefully with sales and coupons I can actually GET some!

  57. We had to wait a little longer than we wanted because we were not certain which school my grandson would be attending, and the required lists were a little different. Did pick up the items that were on both lists, but had to do some hunting for a couple of things once we were certain of the school!

  58. Taya White says

    I love the white cloud brand. As of today I have still not got my kids school list 🙁 I have 5 going back to school I wish they would send it earlier. These would be something I would buy for the house too though kids are always getting a cold from school.

  59. Buddy Garrett says

    I love the idea of stocking up on White Cloud products ad supporting the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Every year seems to be a hassle trying to find back to school products. You have to shop early or stock up for next year.

  60. kristin sims says

    I bought a lot of the White Cloud tissues for my classroom, and they work great!

  61. I love their different designs

  62. Joyce Raymond says

    Had to laugh, I’ve been there and my daughter does that every Christmas. I was wondering how we are going to continue the double wiping after using the bathroom that’s been made popular. Does every child have to bring their wet wipes to school? Hmm…

  63. Our walmart carries this brand.

  64. Nicole Lancaster says

    I have not seen White Cloud tissues yet at Target. I will have to look harder for them. I love that some of the sale proceeds go to
    Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals when you buy the limited editions. I need a few boxes for my child’s classroom.

  65. Amanda Sakovitz says

    We have a box of tissues in almost every room and I always have them in my car. I will have to look for these White Cloud tissues

  66. No kids so I don’t have to worry about the back to school craze. I like White Cloud tissues.

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