Girls Night In- Mirror Mirror Spa Party


If you’ve notice The Mama Report has been awfully silent the last few days.  I have good reason.  I am currently on vacation with my family in New York state.  Fellow Mama Report writer Melissa, along with our families, have trekked across part of the country to see our other good friend Angela.   The three of us have been friends since college and somehow we have gone and created a little army of our own.

Yes, these are all our children.  No, we can’t manage to get them all together for a nice group photo.   This is as good as it gets.   After spending the last week together I have come to understand a few things.

1.  We have a lot of children.

2. I have reaffirmed I do not like the sun.

3. It’s really hard to get a girls night out at this time in our lives.

Here are our sun kissed faces.  Yes, we are in desperate need of a little girl pampering time.  Our plan was set.  We sent our husbands off to NYC for a baseball game, and at the end of the day we were ready for movie time with treats and some girly fun.

We can’t watch Mirror Mirror without a little apple pie!

Are diamonds or chocolate a girl’s best friend?

With a wide selection of choices and some amusing movie activities we were ready to have our fun.

Sleeping kids- check.

Yummy treats- check.

Spa goodies- check.

Husbands?  What the heck!  Our husbands arrived home a bit earlier than expected and crashed our movie night.  What’s a girl to do?!

Clearly we were not going to let this stand in our way.

None of us had the opportunity to see the movie in the theaters.  And personally I had been excited to see it for quite some time.  The previews I saw gave a glimpse of the beautiful art direction and costumes.

Look at this vibrant costume!

After some treats and “spa time” we settled down with our husbands to watch the movie.  So not what I had in mind!  And while I believe the guys were a bit skeptical at the beginning of the film, I do believe I heard laughter of the male variety quite frequently:)

Obviously the costumes were amazing.  The art direction was brilliant.  I think both are worthy of an Oscar nod.   My friends and I are fans of Julia Roberts (who doesn’t love her?!) and we found this role to be a unique change of pace from her traditional characters.  She brings a degree of style, grace, and charm to every role and she certainly does in Mirror Mirror.

The movie itself is not too serious, but rather farcical in nature.   The silly ridiculousness reminded me of The Princess Bride at times.  Personally, I found myself in amazement at the lavish costumes.  I couldn’t wait for each scene to see what was next.  Though it was the lightheartedness of the movie that made my friends enjoy the film.  Thankfully we do not need to perform the crazy antics the Queen does to attempt to stay young looking.  However, it might be advisable for us to use more sunscreen the next time we are at the beach!  LOL!

My advice is to truly have a girls night in without the guys.  Escape in the classic tale of Snow White with beautiful cinematography and lighthearted dialogue.  Even daughters could join in with this family friendly film.

To help you create your own spa party I have included some fun entertainment that we also received.  Select a  Word Find, Maze, and/or, a Fairest of Them All Quiz.

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My party was graciously sponsored by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, all opinions are my own.

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