A Glimpse at the US Bank Stadium


usbank stadium

We braved the pouring rain this past Saturday to catch an early glimpse of the new US Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis. We are not likely to attend a Vikings game anytime soon, so this visit seemed like the best way to see the inside. The day was supposed to be a celebration of sorts, but the storms removed any degree of festivity that was going to take place outside. Instead when we arrived we were ushered right in as there was concern about lightening. I appreciated the degree of caution they exhibited with regards to people’s safety. 

USBank Stadium for the Vikings

The complex is….well…. huge. That is quite obvious to anyone in the area. The outside of the building cast the architectural design of a ship. This seemingly Viking ship is decorated with massive amounts of purple as displayed in the seats.

Vikings Stadium

We took a spot on the lower level, which is ideal seating for sure. The tip top seats are the sort that would no doubt make me sick. With 73,000 seats, I’ll try to stick to the bottom half, at least.  There was nothing in particular taking place at the stadium so we didn’t bother to walk around the inside and fight the crowds. So ultimately I can’t speak to the box seats or any additional features. Be sure to checkout the US Bank Stadium online for all the details and the latest event news. 

usbank stadium in Minneapolis

There is parking immediately across the street in front of the stadium, super convenient for summer thunderstorms or winter snowstorms. 

Downtown Minneapolis

A Glimpse Inside of the US Bank Stadium


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