Grandoe Homespun Cozee Gloves Review


When I heard about the Grandoe Homespun Cozee gloves with the aloe-infused lining, I was immediately interested to try them to see if the aloe made any difference in my normally parched winter hands. I was wondering if something would be oozing out onto my hands while they were inside the gloves, creating an effect kind of like the goo used in haunted houses.  Luckily, this as not the case:)

The gloves are really a combination of an elegant, microsuede glove on the palm side and a cute Scandinavian handknit look on the top. Overall, the look is more cute and comfy — more of a look for winter sledding or roasting marshmallows around a fire than for a night on the town.

The Homespun Cozees do not fit quite true to size, running a little bit small. I wear a size large all other women’s gloves, but these were a little on the tight side (something to keep in mind if ordering online).  The fleece lining is warm and cozy, and would be pleasant on a really cold winter day. The finger slots ran slightly short for me. The microsuede side of the gloves has a nice “new glove” smell.

The gloves appear very well-made and are stitched carefully with nice shape. Since I have seen many misshapen gloves in stores over time, it’s nice to see good attention to detail in the manufacture of these gloves. There is a knot on the inside of the wrist on each glove that is noticeable to the eye, but nothing I felt while wearing them.

As for the aloe infusion in the gloves, I did not notice anything different about the feel inside. It was difficult for me to gauge whether they helped with my usually dry winter hands since it is still fall and not bitterly cold here yet. However, I will look forward to trying out this feature when it is freezing and protecting my hands from chapping really counts.

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This review was written by Lisa for The Mama Report.


I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. these gloves would go with my coat!

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